At JING we source exceptional teas from the most prestigious tea growing regions in the world - China, Japan, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka.

These regions follow ancient processing traditions and pay meticulous attention to how tea should be grown and processed; Chinese tea constitute some of rarest and most sought after-varieties of tea in the world, Japanese tea is mainly green tea and often consumed within Japan itself and India is famous for its black tea. In many of these areas, tea continues to be produced by hand, with the utmost care.

Types of Tea

Each of the six different tea types is produced across the world with particular regions specialising in certain varieties. The towering mountains of Taiwan, for example, produce some of the finest floral oolongs. The unrivalled rich and malty flavour of Assam teas is seldom found outside of North East India. And the world's few Pu erh Gardens are exclusively found upon the rich soils of Yunnan Province, China.