Sweet and soothing flowering green tea hand tied around sweet-tasting osmanthus blossoms and orange lily petals.  A hypnotic display of colour, with a heavenly sweet taste.

2 bulb sample (4 cups)* £3.00 Add to Basket
50g bag (14 cups)* £9.00 Add to Basket
250g bag (70 cups)* £40.75 Add to Basket
500g (2x 250g bags) (140 cups)* £72.00 Add to Basket
RegionChina, Fujian
TasteRefreshing, Sweet
RangeLoose Tea
1 bulb per 250ml water;
use boiling water
infuse until the flower opens
Anytime of day or night

Hand Tied Flowering teas are often made with the emphasis on how the tea looks with little concern for tea quality. Jing has selected exceptional green tea as a base to the floral scent and flavour of the flowers. Why not make it into the perfect gift - see our tea ware for a range of gorgeous glass teapots.

*Based on 1 bulb per serving, infused twice.


Dry Leaf: Neat, mushroom-shaped button of tightly drawn green tea buds.
Wet Leaf: An explosion of variegated green tea leaves out of the heart of which unfolds flame-coloured lily petals and bursts of osmanthus blossoms.
Liquor: Pale green with orange glints.


Dry Leaf: Soft, sweet, straw-like intrigue with hint of orchard fruit and leaf.
Liquor: Bright and peachy, enticing and rounded.

Taste: Warm, green-tea sappiness with the fruity sweetness apriocot and mango flavours.  There are also some peachy, toasty notes and a hint of umami.

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  • 5 stars rating

    More than meets the eye

    Francis Tze, Jul 2015

    I came across Jing tea at a Robuchon outlet in Hong Kong, where I first tried this Flowering Osmanthus and instantly fell in love with it. The ones I subsequently ordered online is just as enjoyable, with the eye-pleasing blossoming and rich layering. I love the light touch of sweetness it carries.
  • 5 stars rating

    Delicate Awakening the senses

    Helen Parken, May 2015

    Absolutely love this tea. The flavour is delicate with a hint of apricot. I like to drink this tea in the evening. The unfolding of the flower is beautiful to watch. Will definitely order again.
  • 4 stars rating


    ANN REEVE, Feb 2015

    I enjoyed this tea, it was refreshing.
  • 5 stars rating

    A feast for the senses

    Tiina, Apr 2011

    Everyone who tries this tea is blown away: from the visual appeal of it blossoming in the gong fu teapot, to the delicate apricot colour, aroma and flavour, every aspect of this tea is simply exquisite.
  • 5 stars rating

    Nice tea

    Mr. Marko Vatovec, May 2010

    Great tea for Jing's 250ml gongfu teapot, the bloom fits it perfectly. This tea has a little stronger taste than most flowering teas, it's not so gentle as for example jasmine blooms - it's also less clear (contains a large amout of pollen) - you might want to pour it through a strainer. Overall, it's a great tea if you prefer stronger blooms.
  • 5 stars rating

    Flowering Osmanthus with fish cake

    Mr. Davide Cazzaro, Mar 2010

    I drunk it during a relaxing lunch with salad and baked salmon fish cakes. The rather marked taste of the fish was smoothened firstly by notes of green-tea and then by the sweet touch of Osmanthus. Brewed for 5-6 minutes in a classical glass teapot. Wonderful scent and wonderful unfolding of the flower as well. Not to be missed. Davide

Produced in China, Fujian

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province, China