The raw beauty of whole rosebuds provides the definitive herbal tea experience. Light and fragrant like a delicate perfume, the infusion is soothing, soft and refreshing.

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GiftFor Her
TypeHerbal infusion
TasteFragrant, Sweet
RangeLoose Tea
Anytime of day or night

Small but perfectly formed, these intensely fragrant and beautiful rosebuds release an almost euphoric aroma and flavour. When made in a glass tea pot, even the sight of the infusion is enough to calm a tired mind.

Our whole rosebuds are hand-picked in Iran.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused 3 times.

Appearance: Anytime of day or night

Infusion: Translucent, pale-green liquor with silver hue

Aroma: Graceful, sweet rose notes with soft, felty undertow of pressed leaf

Taste: Light, graceful and soothing notes of sweet-edged rose within a refreshingly light, leafy liquor. Perfumed, languid aftertaste.

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  • 5 stars rating


    Dora Flammang, Oct 2015

    Grat product, thank you, great service also.
  • 5 stars rating

    Love softly

    Francis Tze, Jul 2015

    The fragrant dimension overwhelmed me when I opened the pack. The taste of the rose buds is pure and clean. Very soothing. Well processed too - there is no residue: not only in the cup but also in my throat. Much better than other rose buds I have had.
  • 5 stars rating

    Lovey tea reminds me of Turkish delight

    Ian Jess, Mar 2015

    Lovey tast and great to have at bed time
  • 5 stars rating


    Awais Noorani, Feb 2015

    This is simply one of the finest teas that I have ever sampled. It's delicate and has a faint but clear taste and fragrance of rose. It can be had at any time of the day
  • 5 stars rating

    Tastes as good as it looks!

    Jen Aggleton, Jan 2015

    These rosebuds make a fantastic, delicate tea with just the right balance of flavours. They also look beautiful, so it's well worth serving in a glass teapot to allow you to enjoy the visual aesthetic as well as the taste!
  • 5 stars rating


    Nomi Lackmaker, Jan 2015

    I have ordered and reordered this delicious tinsane. Delicious taste and perfume. Order always arrives promptly
  • 5 stars rating

    Lovely product

    Cloudier, Dec 2014

    The rosebud tea was purchased alongside a glass teapot for a friend as a gift....she absolutely raves about it and I cant wait to try the rosebud tea as she highly recommends it.
  • 5 stars rating

    Best Rosebuds on the market

    Igor Beaulieu, Dec 2014

    Best you will find n UK
    Excellent quality
  • 5 stars rating

    Divinely light tea

    Eleanor OC, Jan 2012

    The aroma rushes up to meet you when you add water: beautiful floral sweetness. Followed up by a light, refreshing taste from a gently coloured brew. I can get two or three cups out of just four rosebuds if I rebrew. Perfect.
  • 4 stars rating

    Fragrant and comforting

    Dr Theresa Callaghan, Mar 2011

    A real pleasure to drink. Like being in a wonderful rose garden. Fragrance is quite heady. Only thing though the label says product of Iran not China. However since both countries are the capitals of the world it is of no great matter.
  • 4 stars rating

    My bestfriend of a tea

    Ms Davina Lim, Sep 2010

    JINGTea's rosebud tea is extremely fragrant and a great tea to have around when you need a comforting, relaxing drink. The rosebuds, a deep purply red with blue undertones, are of top quality and also very pleasing to the eye. When brewed, its aroma is instantly calming. Very light to the taste but refreshingly so.

    A great afternoon tea or one for after a hard day's work. Highly recommend this to women especially for a bit of relief during that time of the month.