Moli Yin Zhen Bai Cha

Our Jasmine Silver Needle white tea marries the finest Silver Needle white tea with the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers to create the perfect balance of delicate white tea taste and sweet jasmine aromatics. 

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GiftFor Her
RegionChina, Fujian
TypeScented, White, Jasmine
TasteFragrant, Refreshing
Time of DayLunchtime, Afternoon
RangeLoose Tea

Silver Needle is China’s finest white tea. Its perfect, downy buds are picked and sun dried in April, in the mountains of China’s Fujian Province. In August, the tea is laid beneath a bed of fresh jasmine flowers for seven consecutive nights, marrying the sweet white tea with fresh, fragrant jasmine aroma.

Jasmine Silver Needle is a delicious tea to relax and unwind with.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused 3 times.

Appearance: Fine, pale, light downy tips

Infusion: Pale, silvery olive-green liquor

Aroma: Subtle, teasing jasmine over soft, sweet vanilla dusted white tea base with citrus zest freshness

Taste: Super-delicate flavours in which the light, understated orchard blossom sweetness combines with fragrant jasmine to soft, vanilla effect

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  • 5 stars rating


    Celia Gibbs, Jun 2015

    Very efficient website. Quick delivery. Had this tea for years. It is my treat to start every day! Staff very helpful if need assistance. Thank you
  • 5 stars rating


    Celia Gibbs, Jun 2015

    Very efficient website. Quick delivery. Had this tea for years. It is my treat to start every day! Staff very helpful if need assistance. Thank you
    Still very efficient, and very polite on the phone if I contact them. Delivery fast.
    The odd voucher might be appreciated by retuning long standing customers, I think.
  • 5 stars rating

    My absolute favourite

    Nicky Santoyo, May 2015

    The best jasmine tea I've had. Best flavour is on the first infusion I find but it still tastes lovely after 3 infusions.
  • 5 stars rating

    Beautiful tea!

    Tamasine, Apr 2015

    I had this tea at a hotel at the weekend. It is divine...the aroma and taste. The last time I tasted jasmine tea like this was as a child over 35 years ago and I drink jasmine tea regularly. I am so happy to find a jasmine tea of this quality. Thank you!
  • 5 stars rating


    Jean-Michel Chamboulive, Apr 2015

    I have been drinking this tea daily since 2006 and ordering it from Jing Tea ever since.

    I think that sums it up !
  • 5 stars rating

    silver needle

    joanne Elliott, Mar 2015

    One of the nicest jasmine teas I have ever purchased. I am a customer for life!
  • 5 stars rating


    Emma Funnell, Feb 2015

    Two of my favourite teas in one place.. delightful
  • 5 stars rating

    Luxury taste: Everday

    Richard Bailey, Jan 2015

    The quality of the tips is exceptional, allowing for multiple infusions. The taste is light and fragrant. Simply the finest Tea you can have. I experienced Jing Silver Needle tea in Malaysia, staying at a hotel. Now I can finally enjoy that flavour again in the UK.
  • 5 stars rating

    Best white tea

    Linda Castle, Nov 2014

    This is simply the best white tea. It is so delicate and fragrant. Reminded me of the tea I had a child. I never knew what it was just that it was handpicked jasmine leaves from China. Many years later I stayed in a hotel in Mayfair, London and this hotel won awards for their High tea and tea blends. At long last I found the tea I have been looking for. 5 stars
  • 5 stars rating

    best silver needle in UK

    marie gallagher, Oct 2013

    Great quality and flavour as with many of Jing's tea. I never tire of this and Jing's method of packaging maintains freshness and delicate taste.
  • 5 stars rating

    Wonderful Tea

    Carolyn Evan-Watkins, Jun 2013

    This really is the most wonderful tea. A very delicate flavour it is absolutely my favourite tea. I love it!
  • 4 stars rating

    Clean elegant Iced Tea

    JM, May 2012

    For me this tea really shines as an Iced tea a 3g cold infusion over night/ 8 hours worked wonders and a second infusion more subtle again.

    As regards ice tea the focus on Jings website is towards to fruit teas but for my money this tea really shines in a cold infusion and in this weather what could be better
  • 5 stars rating

    The taste of Spring

    Miss Sarah Buckmaster, Mar 2011

    Subtle and dainty, yet utterly sublime, drinking Jing’s Moli Yin Zhen is an exquisite experience for the taste buds. A fresh, uplifting taste is felt as the flavours of this tea caress the roof of your mouth and then, like a cascade of spring blossoms, hints of light fruit and vanilla fall around the mouth. Just like the members of a world-class orchestra, the flavours of this tea combine and complement each other to create something truly unique with each sip bringing you closer to that feeling of a warm spring morning. Because the flavours of this tea are so exquisite, I like to make it in a simple manner, letting the leaves flow freely within really warm water for around 5 minutes before using a traditional tea strainer; there’s nothing I love more than taking in the sweet spring aroma of this tea whilst I’m letting it slowly brew in an old-fashioned ceramic teapot. And to top it off, the perfect companion for the spring sensation taste of this tea is a homemade oatmeal biscuit (and, if possible, a warm spring morning!).
  • 5 stars rating

    Most delicious tea I've ever tasted

    Rebecca, Aug 2010

    I tried Jing tea for the first time, at the Westin Hotel in Melbourne (they have it in the rooms). It is so delicate and delicious in taste - that I just had to take all the complementary teas they left us, so we could savour them at home (and also get online to order more!)

    My husband loved the Early Grey - but the website has so much on offer, I think we'll be purchasing a great deal more than just the two flavours we tried at the hotel.
  • 5 stars rating

    There was nothing not to love about this blend...

    Laura @, Jul 2010

    So let me preface this review by saying that I am exhausted today. I also have a headache, achy muscles and am generally irritated by all people that I come in contact with. This is largely due to an iron deficiency that has been kicking me arse for the past few weeks. Anyway, I am not wanting to play around with caffeine tonight and risk not being able to get to sleep later. As I thought through my tea options that were less caffeinated, one sample immediately came to mind. Yep, you guessed it---JING's Jasmine Silver Needle. If you are not familiar with JING, then I might suggest that you become familiar with them and especially if you are one that loves pure, unflavored tea. I constantly have a Wish List that includes a number of their items that I have tried through Teaviews and many that I am DYING to try!!

    When I fished my sample of this out and opened it up, I was greeted by the aroma of the fragrant jasmine. The jasmine aroma is perhaps a bit more citrusy than I am used to coming across. Often, many blends featuring jasmine have an aroma of nothing other than that of some very strong, fragrant jasmine. This one is a little more delicate and relaxing, I prepared this using water brought to 175 degrees and infused the needles in my JING Glass One-Cup Teapot Set (that I love, love, love tyvm) for a full 3 min. The jasmine in this is really quite exquisite. It is not a dominating, in-your-face jasmine, but is more subdued and rather delightful. More than I noticed citrus notes in the prepared cup, I noticed a sweetness that I was having hard time pinpointing as either white chocolate or vanilla. Then I read on JING's website that what I was tasting were some soft, mellow vanilla notes. These notes are not there in a creamy way, but more of a silky way. The silver needle itself is of a nice quality and is sweet and velvety. I kept tasting hints of melon in the cup that I suspect were actually coming from the silver needle. If I were to pinpoint the melon, I would call it more honeydew than cantaloupe.

    This tea totally reminded me of why silver needle is truly the Cadillac of white teas. It is so softly sweet and velvety. It is quietly powerful and just plain delicious. There was nothing not to love about this blend---the silver needle was exquisite and offered up delicious melon notes. The jasmine was not overpowering and had some truly unique citrus and vanilla notes. Overall, I found this cup to be very silky and sexy--- it is unequivocally the best Jasmine Silver Needle offering that I've tried. Highly recommend.
  • 5 stars rating

    Elegant, delicate, healthy and flavoursome.

    Mrs Genny Bobroff, Jun 2010

    This is truly a tea to be savoured. The subtle blend of flavours change depending on the brew. No two cups taste exactly the same but all of them are an experience to be enjoyed in the moment. It is a tea that can be taken throughout the day, on its own or with a meal. Silver Needle Jasmine tea is, without doubt, unique, outstanding and of superb quality. Very highly recommended.

Produced in China, Fujian

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province, China


The Jasmine petals open at night, so it is then that they are picked and laid atop the dry tea leaves.