Taiwan Li Shan Wu Long Cha

From one of the premier regions in Taiwan, this tea is extremely floral, refreshing and palate cleansing, with a creamy and thick texture. The ultimate experience of a lightly oxidised and fired Taiwan oolong tea. Picked in May 2014.

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GiftFor Connoisseurs
JingFinest and Rarest
RegionTaiwan, Li Shan
TasteFragrant, Smooth
Time of DayLunchtime, Afternoon
RangeLoose Tea

Li Shan is a lightly oxidised and tightly rolled oolong tea, grown on one of the tallest mountains in Taiwan. On infusion, the tea has a pristine bright yellow colour and an amazingly floral and sweet aroma. Due to the altitude at which Li Shan oolong is grown, and the slow growth that this allows, the leaves of the tea are very large and often separated by large, long stems. These large leaves expand and fill the teapot after each infusion.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused 4 times.

Appearance: Dense, tightly folded whole leaf and tip, attached to stems.  Leaves are dark woodland green in colour, with a fresh, bright, just-rolled appearance.

Infusion: A pale gold-green liquor with soft, comforting scents of feather down, spring glade and moss in summer.

Taste: Soothing, soft, gentle, well-rounded and nourishing, with flavours of honeydew melon and young hazel. Softly leafy at the finish, with more of those comforting notes

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  • 5 stars rating

    Gorgeous tea with a creamy consistency

    Ms Su-Lin Lee, Apr 2010

    As someone used to fresher green teas, this oolong was quite a revelation. It was…creamy. Not creamy like milk obviously but it did coat the throat in a rather soothing way. After brewing, the leaves unwrap and look to me like spring greens…so much so that I wanted to shove a few into my mouth.

Produced in Taiwan, Li Shan

Li Shan