Taiwan Cui Yu Wu Long Cha

An Oolong from Nantou in Taiwan. Refreshing, floral, and complex. Excellent with food.

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RegionTaiwan, Nantou
TasteRefreshing, Smooth
Time of DayLunchtime
RangeLoose Tea

An Oolong from Nantou in Taiwan. Refreshing, floral, and complex. Excellent with food.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused 3 times.

Appearance: Curls of pale willow-green and jade yellow leaf

Infusion: Deep straw-gold liquor with plump leaves of a now deeper green

Aroma: Light, clean and fresh with enchanting hints of jasmine and gardenia

Taste: Elegant, perfumed and understated with a refreshing grassy sappiness

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  • 5 stars rating

    My Favourite Oolong

    Luke Tennant, Dec 2015

    While I like many an oolong this is by far my favourite. It has a particular after taste which is most pleasing and is a refreshing and pleasant tea.
  • 4 stars rating

    Jade Oolong

    James G.G. Brown, Oct 2015

    If you like tea this is a great one to try!!
  • 5 stars rating

    Excellent gift

    Allison, Jun 2015

    Bought as a gift so didn't get to see or taste. However, the delivery and wrapping were superb, so hopefully that's a sign of quality within too!

Produced in Taiwan, Nantou


Nantou, Taiwan