Huang Jin Gui Wu Long Cha

Yellow Gold is hand-rolled with an aroma and flavour combining caramel notes, tangy citrus and fresh grasses, supported by quenching syrupy sweetness.

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RegionChina, Fujian
TasteRefreshing, Smooth
Time of DayLunchtime, Afternoon
RangeLoose Tea

Yellow Gold Oolong Tea is composed of hand-rolled leaf, in clusters of variegated colour from light olive to ivy-green. The leaves open fully to create a yellow-gold infusion with lime-green hues.

Hailing from the sub-tropical climes of Fujian, this Yellow Gold Oolong combines the full-bodied, caramelised biscuit flavour typical of oolongs with the wild mountain grass freshness found in young green teas.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused 3 times.

Appearance: Tight yet roughly shaped curls of light and dark green leaf

Infusion: Deep straw-yellow liquor with a green hue and very plump leaves

Aroma: Rich straw-like scents with a subtle lime-flower back-fragrance

Taste: Light, summery flavours hinting at celery and fennel with a sappy finish

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  • 5 stars rating

    Golden drink

    Tina Rydberg, Oct 2015

    Lovely flavour and colour.
  • 3 stars rating

    Good intro oolong

    Kieran Drake, Apr 2015

    A very drinkable oolong. Very clean, not that dissimilar to some green teas. Not as complex/ rich or as interesting a tea as my favourite oolongs, like the Pheonix Honey Orchid.
  • 4 stars rating

    smooth and satisfying

    Mr Will Wain-Williams, Sep 2011

    very nice smooth flavour. more full bodied than tie guan yin with quite a lot going on as far as flavours, yes i got rasberries as one reviewer wrote, but i think the citrus flavour was the most prominent
  • 5 stars rating

    Delicate sweet fruits and cucumber

    Mr Steven Thomas, Apr 2011

    Wow! I've just received my first sample of this and I'm so impressed. The fragrance of the dried leaves was of orchids, even stronger when they first touched moisture in my freshly washed small glass jug.
    I did a 30 sec wash and then a first infusion of 3 minutes. My first sips of this were very rewarding. I had to close my eyes and think about the delicate flavours. I tasted water melon, raspberry and cucumber!
    A second infusion confirmed these tastes and was just as good. It's basically like eating summer fruits and cucumber whilst standing in an orchid house.
    I will certainly buy more of this.
  • 5 stars rating

    Very distinctive, deliciously fruity with lychee and kiwi

    Mr Paul Funnell, Jun 2010

    We've had about 300g now and Yellow Gold continues to be a family favourite; very accessible and easy drinking but with some depth as well.

    As the name suggests it is at the lighter/greener end of the scale for an oolong but still has considerable subtlety and complexity.

    To my novice pallet it comes across as a junior brother to the estimable Iron Buddha, which is undoubtedly an altogether more impressive tea but since yellow gold is less than half the price it's quite a bargain (this doesn't mean you can put the price up!)

    Likely to a be a regular order for some time to come.

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Produced in China, Fujian

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province, China