Brewista Artisan 900ml Gooseneck Kettle

Designed with a precision gooseneck and special angle for the most accurate pour control, this temperature-controlled artisan kettle in matt white adds a touch of elegance to your tea ceremony.

Brewista Artisan 900ml Gooseneck Kettle


This modern kettle has a wood grain-style lid, base and handle, so it's comfortable to hold when pouring. The gooseneck spout is perfect for accurate and precise pour control. This is particularly useful when your teapot is small as it allows a gentle stream of water that doesn't churn up the tea leaves. Other features include: - Precise digital temperature selection (40-100⁰C) so you can make your tea to perfection - Built-in timer for pour overuse - Super boil function without setting a temperature - Real-time temperature display - Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius - Keep-warm function maintains temperature for up to one hour - Durable tempered glass with touch panel for easy use and easy clean - EU plug with UK adaptor supplied with each purchase - Touch button with white backlight - Warranty: valid for 12 months from date of purchase Width: 330mm Depth: 170mm Weight: 250g Voltage: 220V Watts: 1,000W element for quick heating

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    Every master who makes JING Glass has a minimum of 5 years’ experience hand-blowing and crafting glass.

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    Making each piece requires mastery of a minimum of 10 steps. At every stage, the glass is heated and shaped into our signature designs.

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    Each piece of JING Glass takes four days to produce. Slow heating and cooling enables the highest degree of precision and detail.

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