The making and enjoyment of perfect tea is at the heart of every piece in our range. Crafted using high quality borosilicate glass and porcelain, our teaware will help you get the most out of your tea at home for a simple and mindful experience.

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Our selection of teaware includes our bestselling glass tea infuser – the JING Tea-iere™, beautiful glass teapots, cups and saucers, tea infuser mugs, all of the matcha tea accessories you’ll ever need, as well as less our Tea Master. This is a design piece which takes inspiration from Asian teaware – and specifically teaware we’d used in Taiwan and China. Our glass teaware is made from borosilicate glass, which is strong, clear and durable. Our design ethic is elegant simplicity – everything in our range of teaware is designed to look beautiful and to enable you to make loose tea simply at home. Read our guide to caring for your teaware too.

Tea Cups, Glass Teapots, Accessories and More

Make loose tea simply at home with our range of glass teaware. Choosing to buy teaware online is easy with us, each of our teapots is labelled with how many cups you can make from it and we’ve made a simple guide to making loose tea at home which will let you know everything you need, and even a short guide on how to choose a teapot over on our Journal. Enjoy our complete range of glass teapots, tea cups, accessories, tea infusers, matcha accessories and more.