JING Tea-iere™: Making Loose Tea Easy

Our Tea-ieres™ are the easiest way to make loose tea at home. They’re shaped so your tea leaves have enough space to move and impart their incredible flavours. The filter’s built into the lid, so you don’t need anything extra. They’re dishwasher safe and the borosilicate glass gives you the chance to watch your leaves unfurl and the colour of your tea develop.

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    1. JING Two Cup Tea-iere for Loose Leaf tea
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    2. One Cup Tea-iere 250ml - infusion - Teaware - JING Tea
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    3. Loose Leaf Starter Kit - Green Tea
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    4. One Litre Tea-iere - Infusion - Teaware - JING Tea
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    5. One Cup Tea-iere Set
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    6. JING Two Cup Tea-iere Set
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    7. Complete Tea-iere Set 1 litre - Teaware - JING Tea
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    Our Tea Infusers are elegant, robust and easy to use. Each piece is designed to make enjoying loose tea a simple pleasure. Made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and porcelain, our infusers give your leaves space to infuse your tea with beautiful colour and flavour.