Our beautifully designed teapot. The perfect size for making one large cup or many small cups in gong fu style.

Glass One-Cup Teapot (275ml) £32.00 Add to Basket

One Cup Teapot Sets

One Cup Teapot Set £44.50 Add to Basket

1 x One Cup Teapot and 1 x Glass Cup & Saucer

One Cup Teapot, Tray & Tea Timer Set £85.25 Add to Basket

1 x One-Cup Teapot, 1 x JING Glass Cup and Saucer, 1 x Glass Tea Timer & 1 x Small Uplift Tray

GiftFor Her, Stocking Fillers, For Explorers

Due to the quality of our teas, many can be infused repeatedly with excellent results. Our Teapot's small size is designed to match your cup, preventing your leaves from stewing between infusions. 

The crystal-clear glass allows you to see your teas unfurl and judge when your tea is just right. Its integrated coil filter keeps your tea leaves out of our cup and in the pot where they belong.


  • Our One Cup Teapot measures 9cm in diameter and 10cm high
  • All JING Glass is Dishwasher Safe and 100°C Safe
  • JING Glass is hand-blown by masters using the purest borosilicate glass. As each piece is made by hand you may see slight differences between individual items.

Read more about the unique production of JING Glass.

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  • 5 stars rating


    Lisa Macnair, Jul 2015

    Lovely little teapot, sturdy and looks good
  • 5 stars rating

    great teapot

    stefania williams, Jan 2015

    This glass teapot was an excellent purchase. I love the coil feature which stops leaves and it is easy to clean too. It compliments perfectly the glass cup!
  • 5 stars rating

    A highlight of my morning

    Prof Samantha Warren, Aug 2011

    I adore my Jing teapot, the coil for the spout is an inspired design and its the perfect size for a good mug of tea - and then you can just keep topping it up. It looks lovely and makes such a nice sound when you clink it :o) Thoroughly recommend!
  • 5 stars rating

    Its design makes a great gift for tea newbies!

    Admin @ Lainiesips.com, Jul 2010

    Traditionalists who eschew modern tea infusers rejoice: Here is a functional, well-designed, yet beautiful teapot that should suit you well.

    This glass teapot is just the right size for a single cup of tea (it can also be used for gong-fu style service, though I think it a little big for that). It is crystal-clear, with a wide spout and squat body.

    It is easy to use, too: A wire coil extends through the spout to catch tea leaves such that an additional strainer is not necessary (although some very small leaves/particles may slip through). The spout is not prone to clogging, which is great for quickly decanting tea.

    Many small teapots have a small “airhole” on the lid-handle. This is supposed to allow for easy pouring of the tea, but it is also easy to get a steam-burn when grabbing the lid-handle. This teapot’s airhole is located on the lid itself, making the lid-handle much more accessible.