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Why Choose Single Garden Tea

Single garden takes the concept of ‘single origin’ one step further – seeking out the very best individual people and places within a single origin – that together produce something exceptional.

Why is Single Garden Tea Exceptional?

1. Single Garden Teas Wow the Senses

Each grower and garden is unique, so every tea is unique. If you blend lots of different teas together, you dilute the character of each and cover up their uniqueness. Single garden teas celebrate individuality – of the people, cultures and natural resources that produce them.

They also celebrate clarity and purity of taste. The flavours are simply the flavours of the garden – carefully cultivated by its tea master. They’re as close as you can get to tasting the garden itself.

2. It’s a Whole New World to Explore

Single garden teas capture the true flavours of some of the planet’s most spectacular places. From misty mountains in China to vast rivers that begin high in the Himalayas and feed the growing regions of India, tea gardens are supported by some epic natural resources. A single garden tea is a taste of nature – and a connection to it.

For example, in China’s Fujian province, Wuyishan is a high mountainous area that was once volcanic. As well as the steep terrain, its ancient volcanoes gave it a rocky, sandy soil that’s high in minerals. Tea bushes grown here draw deeply on the soil’s minerals and nutrients. They have to, and  because water drains quickly on these slopes, their roots must go further. Tea masters use their local knowledge to produce teas that celebrate this unique minerality.

The rocky, craggy mountainsides in Wuyishan, Fujian, China.
Shenteng Chen, producer of our Ali Shan oolong tea, sorting his leaves as they wither in the courtyard.

3. Single Garden Teas Help Producers and Their Communities

We meet and speak to a lot of producers. The message they always want us to spread is about their origin and their garden – knowing that an appreciation of origin is the most sustainable way to add value to their industry. If tea drinkers knew to ask for their tea by the name of its origin or individual garden, not only would those consumers know they’re getting a tea they love, they’d be much more likely to pay a better price for that tea. In this way, tea drinkers who appreciate individual origins, gardens and teas can help the families and communities who produce these wonderful, unique teas to survive and thrive.

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The best way to experience single garden teas is to make a habit of drinking loose leaf tea.

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