Our Glass Tea Infuser Mug is the perfect way to enjoy any whole leaf JING tea at home, in the office or while travelling.

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At home at the office or while travelling, you do not need to settle for a dusty tea bag or dried out herbal infusion. With the JING glass tea infuser-mug, you can enjoy our exceptional whole leaf tea anywhere.

Emily Miles Esquire Magazine wrote of our glass infuser mug:
“Non-alcoholic drinks don’t score many column inches here but the JING tea infuser mug has earned itself desk space in the office. The lid can be inverted into a receptacle for the infuser, leaving you with no mess and the perfect brew. Plus, the flavours of JING’s loose-leafs are good enough to distract us from the caffeine fix we’re missing."

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Fridge Safe
  • 100°C Safe


  • Beautiful and smart

    Federico Avanzati, 12 Nov 13

    5 stars rating
    It's made of very high quality glass and it's very practical, you never get burned and not a single drop spills out on your table.
  • Very Fragile, needs to be stronger, but a pleasure to use.

    Anna K, 4 Jan 13

    5 stars rating
    It broke after two days! When I receieved this, I thought it was beautiful but very thin quality glass and feared that it would break easily. Sadly, after two days it broke. Please make it from thicker glass, however it does make it easier to drink sencha tea everyday.

    Lina, 29 Dec 11

    5 stars rating
    This mug is beautiful and makes my tea taste better. I dropped the cover of my mug few weeks ago and it shattered into small pieces; then I re-ordered a new one. I just received it today and noticed that the cover and the infuser are a bit thicker than the one that I bought earlier, and heavier as well. I think the quality has improved.
  • Great quality

    Mr Svilen G., 5 May 11

    5 stars rating
    An excellent item - the glass is crystal clear and the whole mug is very light weight. The infuser fits the glass perfectly, it's very easy to remove when finished with infusion, and does a great job at filtering the leaves out. It is maybe a bit overpriced, but it just works and looks beautiful, so you probably won't regret buying it.

    David K, 26 Apr 11

    4 stars rating
    I've been using this for a few months now and it's really taken the hassle out of loose leaf tea at work. However, I dropped the infuser from a height of not more than 30 cm into the sink and the infuser cracked :(
  • Brilliant but fragile!

    Mr Richard Williams, 28 Feb 11

    5 stars rating
    Great mug - my wife has just shamshed mine after 4 weeks of constant use and now it's out of stock! Come back soon
  • A delight to use

    Martin B, 23 Feb 11

    5 stars rating
    As usual this was received quickly and very well packaged from Jing. It comes very nicely boxed.
    The diffuser works great, the inner bowl has long slits that keep all but the smallest leaves out of the drinking mug. It's a great way of being able to re-use the leaves for later.
    Highly recommended!