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New Seasonal Teas

Our direct relationships with master producers give us access to rare and exquisite single garden teas, which are often not seen outside of their country of origin. Discover our newest range of seasonal teas, each hand selected for their unique flavour profiles and exceptional taste, whilst they’re at their freshest.

    1. 352
      JING Tea Organic Wuyi Oolong Loose Leaf Oolong Tea 352
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      Oolong Tea Organic Wuyi Oolong Cacao, Stone Fruit, Rose From Jiangshi Garden, Nanping, Fujian, China
    2. 352
      Beijgang Maojian 50g - Yellow Tea - Loose Leaf - JING Tea 352
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      Yellow Tea Beigang Maojian Candied Lemon, Barley sugar. From Huarong Garden, Huarong County, Yueyang City, Hunan, China
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      Jun Shan Silver Needle - 50g - Yellow Tea - Loose Leaf Tea - JING Tea 352
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      Yellow Tea Jun Shan Silver Needle Barley Sugar, Herbs, Sweetcorn From Tianjingshan Garden, Junshan District, Yueyang City, Hunan, China
    4. 352
      Baojing Gold Loose Tea 352
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      Green Tea Baojing Gold 2023 Fresh Meadow, Floral, Umami. From Xiangmiao Garden, Baojing County, Hunan, China
    5. 352
      Organic Darjeeling 1st Flush Supreme - Loose Leaf Black Tea Leaves - JING Tea 352
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      Black Tea Organic Darjeeling 1st Flush Supreme Honey, Grape Skin, Blackcurrant Leaf From Tumsong Estate, Darjeeling, India
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    6. 403
       Ai Lao Mountains Raw Puerh 2022 one cake 403
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      Puerh Tea Ai Lao Mountains Raw Puerh 2022 Grapefruit, Citrus Peel, Hops From Zhenyuan County, Yunnan, China
      £22.601 Cake
    7. Organic Sencha - Loose Leaf Green Tea Leaves - JING Tea
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      Green Tea Organic Sencha Dashi, Sweetcorn, Sea Salt From Marusen Isagawa Cooperative, Shizuoka, Japan
    8. 232
      Organic Dragon Well Supreme - Loose Leaf Tea 232
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      Green Tea Organic Dragon Well Supreme (Hangzhou Long... Chestnut, Lime Leaf, Cream From Yong'an Garden, Hangzhou, China


    We believe that tea is more than just a drink; it's an experience that connects us to the land, the people, and the cultures that produce it. Our rare and seasonal teas have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality and unique flavours. From hand rolled green teas that capture the essence of their garden and season, to supremely fresh characterful black teas grown in the heights of the Himalayas, discover the magic of rare and seasonal teas.


    Fresh from leaf to cup

    Drinking a cup of tea in a tea garden is a unique and special experience like no other. At JING, we bring that experience to you by sourcing our seasonal teas whilst they're at their freshest directly from single gardens via our personal relationships. By selecting seasonal teas from a single garden, each cup will take you on a taste journey to the unique garden from which the tea is from. With our range of seasonal teas, you can explore the diverse and wonderful world of tea and discover new tastes and experiences with every sip.


    Why choose seasonally?

    Tea is a very seasonal product with some teas are only produced for a few weeks during a specific season each year. The best places for tea production have distinctive seasons and so the tea bushes change throughout the year, meaning the season in which the tea is produced defines how a tea will taste. Spring picked teas are highly valued for their delicate, fresh, and vibrant flavours that are unique to this first picking of the year transporting you to a moment of pure spring refreshment.