Without compromising on superior taste and quality, we are always looking for ways to drive change and deliver sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

JING™ was founded based on one mission, which remains as important today as it was at the beginning of our journey:

To deliver unforgettable tea drinking experiences whilst supporting and enabling tea producers and their environments to thrive

JING Sustainability Mission

Better Tea for People & Planet

JING Tea Sustainability

Our Mission

JING™ was founded based on one mission, which remains as important today as it was at the beginning of our journey:

To deliver unforgettable tea drinking experiences whilst supporting and enabling tea producers and their environments to thrive


Our Approach

We believe we can achieve both by selecting distinctive single garden teas and building long-lasting, personal relationships with the tea masters who produce them

We do this by ensuring that our teas are sourced with integrity and transparency, both when it comes to the people we source from and our impact on the planet.

We are a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and commit to adhering to their Membership Golden Rules.


Single Garden Tea


We prioritise single garden teas not only because they deliver the most pure and distinctive flavour experiences, but also because they deliver complete transparency.

You'll find the garden name celebrated on every pack of our tea.


Championing Loose Leaf


Loose leaf tea not only delivers the best drinking experience but uses less processing, packaging and reduces waste.

That’s why 100% of our teas are available as loose leaf and we give customers the tips and tools to enable the easy switch.


Fair Price


We’re lucky to source teas from outstanding producers, crafting the highest quality teas and we pay the high prices they command.

As consumers enjoy and appreciate the benefits of quality single origin tea, the industry will change for the better, with greater returns and a better future for tea producers and their communities.


Prioritising Organic


Tea grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides minimise the exposure of land, wildlife, producers and tea drinkers to agrochemicals.

Our aim is for 80% of our teas to be made this way by the end of 2024.


Personal Relationships


Not only do our personal relationships give us direct access to the best crop of each season, but by cutting out multiple middle men more money is going directly to producers and their communities.

It also allows us to troubleshoot with producers as environmental issues arise.


Carbon Action Plan


Our teas are certified carbon neutral.

That means we’ve calculated exactly where the greenhouse gases are produced throughout our tea supply chain, and have begun targeted actions to reduce and offset reduce these emissions. Up to 95% of the carbon footprint of our teas happens in production so we are working with producers to find and prioritise a switch to sustainable solutions.


Supporting Communities


We're a funding partner of the Ethical Tea Partnership's Plantation Community Empowerment Project in Assam, India.

Community forums, made up of 50% women and 30% youth are created to work in collaboration with estate management teams to address challenges facing the community


Sustainable Packaging Promise


We’re investing in biodegradable packaging options and take a full lifecycle approach to our packaging, with new alternative materials in trial.

Where we can, we’re already using plant based and biodegradable materials, including our whole leaf tea bag ranges.

Why Choose Single Garden Tea

When it comes to producing and consuming food and drink, we need to change our relationships with ourselves, each other and the environment.

As a marker for traceability, ‘single garden’ tea does just that by seeking out the very best individual people and places within a single origin, so you can enjoy better tea that directly helps those gardens, producers and communities to thrive.

What It Means To Be Carbon Neutral

Our teas are certified carbon neutral by Climate Partner. That means we’ve measured our carbon footprint – for both our company and our teas – and have pledged to reduce it and offset it.

We’ve done this because the world is in a climate emergency and we want to take responsibility for our part in that. Want to know how we did it, what Carbon Offsetting is and what it really means to be a carbon neutral tea company? Find out here.

Everyone Wins If You Buy Organic

It takes a tea garden an average of three to five years to be certified as fully organic, and producers will see a significant drop in yield in the early years. However, we have first-hand experience of the fantastic improvements in tea quality – and therefore the price it can fetch – once the change has been made. That’s why we’re committed to having 80% of our teas being made without pesticides by the end of 2022.

Discover the four big reasons why everyone wins if you buy organic.

Why Switch To Loose Leaf

Loose leaf tea is the most sustainable way to enjoy all types of tea and we’re on a mission to show people why. So to help you make the switch, we’ve come up with no fewer than eight reasons why now is the time to say goodbye to tea bags and hello to an exciting new world of loose leaf tea.

Why Origin Matters Most

Every origin and garden has a different story to tell. Each one has a distinctive character, capturing the unique combination of the type of tea bush, the terroir in which it's grown, and the craftsmanship of the tea producer.

Here’s why we think tea regions needs to be known and loved by consumers, and well looked after by producers to thrive