Enjoy the delicious taste and benefits of our Organic Ceremonial Matcha tea every day from Kirishima, Japan. We’ve designed a complete collection with something for everyone: a modern Matcha shaker for those that wish to make preparation simple, or a traditional collection for those that want to savour and delight in every element of an ancient Matcha ceremony. Learn more about Matcha with our Matcha Guide.

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      Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade 232
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      Green Tea Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Grassy, Creamy, Invigorating From Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan
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    2. Matcha Shaker
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      Teaware Matcha Shaker
    3. Modern Matcha Gift Set
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    4. Handmade Matcha Ceremonial Bowl
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    5. Bamboo ‘Chasen’ Matcha Whisk
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    6. Bamboo ‘Chasaku’ Matcha Spatula
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    What Is Matcha?

    Matcha, meaning literally ‘ground tea’, is a powdered form of green tea. Though it’s roots can be traced back to ancient China, the best matcha is now produced in Japan where this fine, deep green powder is traditionally ground using ‘mikage’ stone mills. The green tea used to create our organic matcha is harvested from tea bushes that go through an intensive shading for 30 days before being picked. By blocking out the sunlight these leaves are enriched with a deeper colour and intense flavour. Ultimately creating a super-rich, creamy and umami green tea experience like no other.

    Japanese Matcha Tea & Tools by JING

    The ceremony around matcha dates back hundreds of years to medieval Japan. When Zen monks returning from voyages to China brought back the ritual and tools for preparing this powdered green tea. These matcha tools are still used by matcha lovers today, such as our bamboo chasen (tea whisk) and handmade chawan (tea bowl) which are perfect for traditional matcha. Or you can enjoy the benefits of matcha on the go with our modern matcha shaker. Check out our journal to discover how to make matcha, stories from origin, matcha recipes and other tea types.