Loose Tea

Drinking loose tea is the best way to explore the incredible variety of flavours that Asia's great tea regions have to offer. Explore our range of single garden teas that embody the unique essence of their origin and the skill of their maker.

    1. Flowering Tea Gift Set with Box
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      Flowering Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set
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    2. Jasmine Tea Gift Set With Box
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      Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea Gift Set
    3. Loose Leaf Starter Set
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    5. 232
      Organic Yunnan White Peony Loose Leaf Tea 232
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      White Tea Organic Yunnan White Peony Uplifting, Sweet, Rounded Dahei Garden, Yunnan, China
    6. Earl Grey Loose Tea
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      Black Tea Earl Grey Bold, Fragrant, Uplifting Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
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      Baojing Gold Loose Tea 403
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      Green Tea Baojing Gold Fresh, Sappy, Reviving Ludong Garden, Hunan, China
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      Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes Loose Tea 403
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      Puerh Tea Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes Warm, Earthy, Smooth Donghzai Garden, Yunnan, China
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      Ali Shan Loose Tea 403
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      Oolong Tea Ali Shan Fragrant, Graceful, Creamy Chenjia Garden, Ali Shan, Taiwan
    10. Jasmine_Silver_Needle_Loose_Leaf_Tea
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      White Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Mellow, Floral, Refreshing Yinpan Garden, Yunnan, China
    11. JING Tea Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Green Tea
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      Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Sweet, Floral, Enticing Houping Garden, Fujian, China
    12. 403
      JING Tea Red Dragon Loose Leaf Black Tea 403
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      Black Tea Red Dragon Ripe, Fruity, Reviving Ximeng Garden, Yunnan, China
    13. JING Tea Assam Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea
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      Black Tea Assam Breakfast Tea Malty, Rich, Satisfying Assam, India
    14. 232
      Organic Jade Sword Loose Tea 232
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      Green Tea Organic Jade Sword ™ Grassy, Spring-Fresh, Reviving Baotian Garden, Hunan, China
    15. JING Tea Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea
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      Green Tea Sencha Verdant, Smooth, Satisfying Sasamodo Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
    16. 403
      Phoenix Honey Orchid Loose Tea 403
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      Oolong Tea Phoenix Honey Orchid Fragrant, Peach, Complex Shuangji Garden, Guangdong, China
    17. 232
      Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade 232
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      Green Tea Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Grassy, Creamy, Invigorating Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan
    18. JING_Oolong_Tea_loose_leaf_Shanlinxi
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      Oolong Tea Shanlinxi Creamy, Floral, Calming Luojia Garden, Nantou, Taiwan
    19. 403
      Wuyi Oolong - Loose Tea 403
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      Oolong Tea Wuyi Oolong Rich, Roasted, Invigorating Huangcun Garden, Fujian, China
    20. JING-Tea-Gyokuro-Loose-Leaf-Green-Tea
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      Green Tea Gyokuro Creamy, Vegetal, Satisfying Asahina Valley, Shizuoka, Japan
    21. JING Tea Dragon Well Loose Leaf Green Tea
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      Green Tea Dragon Well Fresh, Velvety, Inspiring Wangfu Garden, Zhejiang, China
    22. Herbal Infusion Explorer
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