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5th January 2020

By Olivia Cox

8 reasons to drink loose leaf tea

Did you know that tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world after water? As tea lovers make the long-predicted shift towards better quality loose leaf teas (so long dusty supermarket teabags), we can’t place a greater emphasis on the joys of discovering a whole new world of tea. There’s a time and place for teabags, of course, but it is truly the almost limitless exploration of loose leaf tea that will keep you hydrated and delighted for years to come.

8 reasons to drink loose leaf tea

loose leaf teas in glass cups

There's more variety 

Did you know there are more than 10,000 varieties of loose leaf tea in China alone? You might never run out of new teas to try.



It's a cheaper cost per serving

There’s less packaging (an environmental plus) and the quality means you can re-infuse your teas a number of times.



Create your own mindful tea ceremony 

Discover the joy of watching the tea leaves dance and unfurl in the water as they infuse and use the three minutes to reset and focus the mind.

Dragon Well

You have complete control 

While we have precise recipes you can follow, measure your leaf as you like it – stronger, lighter, or perfectly balanced.



Full leaf, no dust 

Broken tea leaves - or ‘dust’ - have lost their oils and aroma. Their smaller surface area means that they release more bitter-tasting tannins, too.



More room to move 

Tea leaves need space to infuse fully. Most teabags restrict this movement and hide the beauty of dancing leaves.


It's fresher 

Our teas are packed and sealed at the source, away from moisture and light. There’s minimum intervention, so all of the goodness is locked in.



It's easier than you think 

With the right vessel – such as our tea-iere – all you need is water, leaf, and a cup. Forget fancy gadgets and keep it simple.

A Few of Our Favourites

jasmine silver needle infusion

Jasmine Silver Needle

A spring-picked white tea from Yunnan: the youngest, sweetest buds, scented traditionally with fresh, whole jasmine flowers over five consecutive summer nights.

Loose Leaf Assam Black Breakfast Tea

Assam 'English Breakfast' Tea

 We tasted thousands of teas to create this ultimate English breakfast tea, expertly blended from Assam’s finest tea gardens - a strong and true expression of Assam character.

Organic Jade Sword Green Tea

Organic Jade Sword ™

 The brightest and most refreshing organic green tea, sourced from Hunan, it bursts with sweet, spring flavour. The perfect green tea for everyday drinking.


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