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11th November 2020


How to store tea at home

To store tea, it’s important to make sure that your tea leaves are stored well at home. This keeps their aromas and flavours fresh so that every infusion is bright and delicious. When exposed to heat and sunlight, leaves can become weak and lose their taste. Equally, if oxygen and bad aromas find their way to exposed tea leaves, they can have a big effect on flavour. The same goes for moisture and dampness, so ensuring that your leaves are safe and secure is of huge importance.

We take care to package our teas in air tight zip lock bags. Doing this, we can be confident that the leaves will be just as fresh when they arrive as they were when they left the tea gardens. Because it is so important to us, we feel you should be aware of some of the most effective ways of keeping your tea fresh at home so that you can be sure to enjoy the very best from the unique and delicious infusions.

All of our teas come in either air tight zip lock bags or caddy tins. This way, you can be sure that they will be protected from many elements that would otherwise alter the flavour. For added protection, make sure to store your bags or caddies in a cool, dry place. Ideally, in their own cupboard or a separate shelf away from the kitchen, where lots of bad odours, heat and steam can compromise their taste. Our air tight tea caddies, which store our loose leaf tea, as well as our matcha tins, contain oxygen absorbers. This is an added benefit as any oxygen that manages to sneak in will be drawn away from the tea.

Our teabags contain the same contents as our loose leaf packs, so ensuring their freshness is equally as important. For tea bags and loose leaf tea that you’d like to re-infuse later, keeping them in the tea-iere or teapot where they were initially infused will keep them safe, as long as there isn’t any water left with the leaves - this will cause them to stew and lose their flavour.

We pride ourselves in sourcing our teas straight from the tea producers that cultivate and craft them. Close connections with these producers ensures that we are able to buy the best quality tea and see the direct benefit to the farmers, the gardens and the taste. For this reason, it’s really important to us that the tea retains its flavour and aroma; from the soil from which it’s grown to your cup. Using our air tight, zip lock bags and our tea caddies will ensure that the leaves will be preserved and every sip will be as delicious and fulfilling as the last.