Meet the Producers

Dedication to Flavour. Care for the Environment.

This is what unites us with the producers behind our teas.

We’ve travelled far and wide to build a network of expertly selected tea makers. These journeys have taken us to the wild, ancient forests of Yunnan, up into the foothills of the Himalayas, through the lush coastal prefectures of Japan and beyond. On the way, we’ve shared long lunches, precarious car journeys and learnt “cheers” in many dialects. Our network is built on personal relationships with tea producers with whom we share a commitment to teas of the highest quality, and environmentally responsible farming methods.

Every tea producer we work with is an accomplished master craftsman, with a wealth of expertise that enables each of them to create their unique tea. For some, this knowledge has been from generations-long growing on the same plot, as it is with the Miyazakis and the Gyokuro tea they produce in Japan. Others like the Chen family, who oversaw the conversion of their family’s land to organic, have dedicated their life’s work to understanding new techniques to perfect their tea and protect their land in Taiwan.

Meet the makers behind your some of your favourite teas…

Why build personal relationships with tea producers? These relationships are fundamental to what we do, they enable us to:

    • Get first access to the best teas – many have never been sold outside of their country of origin, such as Mr Long’s Baojing Gold, which we first brought to the UK in 2020.
    • Be confident in sharing where each tea comes from and how it’s made. You’ll find the origin and garden names on each pack of tea, and if you ever want to know more, just get in touch.
    • Collaborate with tea makers to share expertise and create teas with the exact flavour profiles we’re looking for. We spent a number of weeks in Yunnan in 2015 with the team who make Red Dragon doing exactly this.
    • Find out about the conditions in the gardens; and
    • Tell the stories of these incredible tea makers and their gardens.


Meet the Chens: The First Organic Tea Producers In Ali ShanMeet the Chens: The First Organic Tea Producers In Ali Shan


Meet the Chens

“Time is the greatest healer. We love the eagles, snakes and fireflies that have returned to our garden since turning organic.”
The Chens are pioneers of organic farming in Ali Shan, one of Taiwan’s most famous tea mountain areas, and do a huge amount to support biodiversity.

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Meet the MiyazakisMeet the Miyazakis


Meet the Miyazakis

With more than 100 years of tea producing experience between them, this husband and wife duo have a lot to share – and they’re using this to inspire future generations.

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Meet Yong LuoMeet Yong Luo


Meet Yong Luo

Get to know what life is like living on Shuang Ji Niang, a remote mountain in China’s Phoenix range, and how working organically with his plants has allowed Luo to experience the unyielding spirit strength of what can happen when humans and nature works together.

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Meet Mr WenMeet Mr Wen


Meet Shentang Wen

Wen’s spoken to us about what this time has taught him about living a good life – and why he never considered doing anything other than making Dragon well green tea.

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Meet the Subroto SenMeet the Subroto Sen


Meet Subroto Sen

He’s the long-time leader of one of Darjeeling’s oldest and most innovative gardens. He came to Darjeeling for the fishing, but stayed for the mountains, the dancing, the dumplings – and of course, the tea.

Making Sencha tea is a way of life for Ishiyama Making Sencha tea is a way of life for Ishiyama


Meet Ishiyama

Making Sencha tea is a way of life for Ishiyama – and it has been for his family for the last ten generations. He's one of the few remaining members of Japan’s Tea Hand Rolling Association. Find out his tips on the best way to enjoy a cup of Sencha.

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Phoenix Honey Orchid

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Organic Dragon Well Supreme

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