Organic Tea

We believe in organic agriculture – it’s better for the environment, for the producers who avoid the risk of exposure to chemicals, and for our teas which often taste even better. It’s a complex process though, so many of our teas that are grown using organic farming principles are not certified organic. To read more about this, head to our Sustainability page.

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      JING Tea Whole Rosebuds Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea 232
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      Herbal Tea NEW Organic Whole Rosebuds Delicate, Floral, Enchanting From Iran
    2. 232
      Organic Dragon Well Supreme - Loose Leaf Tea 232
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      Green Tea NEW Organic Dragon Well Supreme (Hangzhou ... Floral, Nutty, Creamy From Yong'an Garden, Hangzhou, China
    3. 232
      Loose Darjeeling First Flush Tea 232
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      Black Tea NEW 2021 Organic Darjeeling 1st Flush Supr... Fragrant, Sweet, Reviving From Badamtam Estate, Darjeeling, India
    4. 232
      Organic Hojicha Loose Tea 232
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      Green Tea NEW Organic Hojicha Roasted, Sweet, Comforting From Yamaguchi, Ijichi & Kumada Gardens in Kagoshima, Japan
    5. 232
      Organic Yunnan Breakfast 232
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      Black Tea NEW Organic Yunnan Breakfast Enlivening, Spicy, Smooth From Da Hei Garden, Yunnan, China
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      Organic Darjeeling Second Flush Loose Tea 232
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      Black Tea NEW Organic Darjeeling Second Flush Fragrant, Rounded, Warming From Barnesbeg, Okayti & Pussimbing Gardens, Darjeeling, India
    7. 232
      Organic Jade Sword Loose Tea 232
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      Green Tea Jade Sword™ Organic Green Tea Grassy, Spring-Fresh, Reviving From Baotian Garden, Hunan, China
    8. 232
      Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade 232
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      Green Tea Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Grassy, Creamy, Invigorating From Kirishima Chuou Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
    9. 232
      Organic Yunnan White Peony Loose Leaf Tea 232
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      White Tea Organic Yunnan White Peony Uplifting, Sweet, Rounded From Dahei Garden, Yunnan, China
    10. 232
      Darjeeling 1st Flush 2019 Competition Winner 232
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      Black Tea Prize Winning Organic Darjeeling 1st Flush Fragrant, Sweet, Reviving From Seeyok Estate, Darjeeling, India
    11. 403
      Baojing Gold Loose Tea 403
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      Green Tea NEW 2021 Baojing Gold Fresh, Sappy, Reviving From Ludong Garden, Hunan, China
    12. 403
      JING Tea Wuyi Oolong Loose Leaf Oolong Tea 403
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      Oolong Tea NEW Wuyi Oolong Rich, Roasted, Invigorating From Huangcun Garden, Fujian, China
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       Ai Lao Mountains Raw Puerh 2020 loose leaf  cake 403
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      Puerh Tea Ai Lao Mountains Raw Puerh 2020 Smooth, Zesty, Longlasting From Zhenyuan County, Yunnan, China
      £20.001 Cake
    14. 403
      JING Tea Red Dragon Loose Leaf Black Tea 403
      100% of 100
      5 out of 5
      Black Tea Red Dragon Ripe, Fruity, Reviving From Ximeng Garden, Yunnan, China
      Out of stock
    15. 403
      JING Tea Phoenix Honey Orchid Loose Leaf Oolong Tea 403
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      Oolong Tea Phoenix Honey Orchid Fragrant, Peach, Complex From Shuangji Garden, Guangdong, China
    16. 403
      JING Tea Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes Loose Leaf Puerh Tea 403
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      Puerh Tea Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes Warm, Earthy, Smooth From Donghzai Garden, Yunnan, China
      £14.5010 Cakes
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      JING Tea Vintage Imperial Puerh Loose Leaf Puerh Tea 403
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      Puerh Tea Vintage Imperial Puerh Spicy, Supple, Indulgent From Nandaohe Garden, Yunnan, China
    18. 403
      Product Tea Rare Black Tea Da Xue Wild Black loose leaf 403
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      Black Tea Da Xue Wild Black Complex, Energising, Hoppy From a wild forest in Yunnan’s Da Xue Mountain, China

    Selection of Organic Teas by JING

    Organic is a way of growing tea, and so here you’ll find our range of organic green tea – including organic matcha green tea - organic white tea, organic English breakfast tea, organic black tea and more across all the tea types. Organic tea could be considered a more natural tea – that’s because organic farming does not use anything artificial in the growing of plants. Instead organic tea producers will work with their land and with nature’s resources to naturally coax growth and flavour from their tea plants. Our range of organic teas offers the purest taste experience – drinking organic loose leaf tea closest you can get to tasting the garden or place where a tea comes from. Organic tea bags can be good if you’re travelling or you need convenience, but organic loose leaf tea will always give you the best tea experience.

    Organic Tea Benefits: What is it good for?

    We’ve explored the benefits of organic tea on our Journal: Everyone Wins When You Buy Organic. In summary, your tea will taste better, it will be healthier for you and it is better for tea producers and their families. The Chen family, who make our Ali Shan, which is a type of Oolong Tea are pioneers of organic tea in Taiwan, and here they tell their story – what’s been good for them from switching their garden to organic tea. Yong Luo, who makes Phoenix Honey Orchid tea talks about the incredible impact it has on the taste here too. If you want to know more about the benefits of organic tea, read our complete guide to organic tea here.