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  • Returns

    How do I return an order?

    We understand that sometimes you may want to return products. If you are not completely satisfied with any item you purchase on the site then please return it to us in original condition within 30 days of receipt and we will give you a full refund of the item’s cost excluding postage costs. In addition, customers in the European Union are entitled to a statutory cooling-off period of fourteen business days.

    Our returns address is shown on your invoice and packing slip. If you wish to receive a refund or replacement please contact us by email or call us on 020 7183 2113 to let us know.
    If an item has been sent to you in error and you wish to return it, please contact us for our Freepost address.

    If an item has arrived broken, please contact us to request a replacement and dispose of the broken item. In some cases we may need to ask you to provide a photo of the broken item so that we can look into how the damage might have been caused.

  • Delivery

    What are your shipping methods and costs?

    We offer free next day delivery on all mainland UK orders over £60

    For a full list of our delivery options, cut off times and restrictions, please view our Delivery Information.

    Do you deliver worldwide?

    Yes. For more information please view our Delivery Information.

    How can I check the status of my order?   

    If you placed your ordered using our next day courier service you can track it here. Your tracking number will be included in your order dispatch email. 

    Please contact our customer service team via email or phone 020 7183 2113 if you have any further questions regarding your order.

  • My Account

    How do I create an account?
    Creating an account with us is easy. Simply click the Account Icon Account Icon in the far top right of the website. On the next page, click ‘Create an Account’, fill in the information required and press ‘Submit’.

    What do I do if I've forgotten my password?
    On the ‘Log In’ page click ‘Forgot your password?’. 

    How do I add a new delivery or billing address?
    To add or edit delivery or billing addresses, login to your account and navigate to the ‘Account Dashboard’ section. Click on ‘Address Book’, where you can update both your billing address and delivery address details.

    Our checkout also includes a section for billing address and a section for delivery address. Here you can select the correct addresses for each order you place.

  • Digital Gift Cards

    Can you use JING Tea DGC online?
    Yes. JING Tea DGC may only be used as full or part payment for products purchased from JING Tea online at

    Can you use JING Tea DGC in our retail store?
    No, but we are working on enabling this in the near future.
    The DGC can’t be used in any of our partners’ hotels, restaurants, department stores, or through mail or telephone order.

    When do JING Tea DGC expire?
    The gift card will expire 24 months from date of purchase, if not already fully used.

    Do I have to spend all the balance of my card in one go?
    No, you can use as much, or as little, of the gift card credit as you like and the remaining credit will remain in balance on your card.

    If the balance on my card is less than the total of my basket, can I still use it?
    Yes. The card acts as a discount on your order. Once the total value is exceeded you can pay the remaining balance via one of our other payment methods (card, paypal, etc.).

  • Retail Stores

    Is your London address a retail store?
    Our London address is an operational office so unfortunately, we are unable to hold any stock for sale on the premises.

    Do you have any retail stores?
    We do not currently have any retail stores.

  • Storing Your Tea

    How should I store your tea?
    Wherever possible we use vacuum, gas packing and cold storage for our teas to ensure that they arrive with you as fresh as possible. All tea should be kept away from heat, light, moisture and odours. Exposure to these will cause the tea to deteriorate and lose flavour. Our loose teas are packed in resealable ziplock bags so we recommend that you reseal all your bags once you have used them and store them in a cool dry place.

    Generally speaking, black teas and more heavily oxidized oolongs can be stored for a longer time than green, white and lightly oxidized oolong teas. Green teas, white teas and light oolong teas are best drunk within two to three months of opening.

    However, they can also be stored in the fridge to maintain freshness for as long as possible. If you choose to store your green, white and light oolongs in the fridge, be careful to take the packs out a little in advance of making your tea so that they can reach room temperature. Opening a bag straight from the fridge will result in condensation on the inside of the pack, which when closed can then affect the quality of the tea inside.

  • Pricing and Currency

    Can I place orders in different currencies?
    All orders on our website's checkout are processed in GBP. In addition, we use a third-party service, called Global-E, for over 100 international shipping destinations. When using this service, you are able to see the equivalent pricing in various different currencies.

  • Out of Stock

    What do I do if an item I want to order is out of stock?
    We do regular stock checks to ensure that we maintain correct stock information on the site. If an item that you would like to order seems to be out of stock by mistake please let us know by calling +44 (0)207 183 2113. We will then check the stock level of this product and let you know whether the item is available for purchase.

    If the item is available then we will put the item back into stock on the website while you are speaking to us and let you know how to add the product to your basket.

    Some of the teas we buy are extremely rare and are only ever available in extremely limited quantities. Where this is the case, once we run out of stock, we are unable to source a replacement until the next season in which that tea produced. For these teas we recommend signing up to our newsletter to receive the latest news on rare tea launches.

  • How Sustainable Are Your Teabags and Packaging?

    Are your packing materials eco-friendly?
    As a brand built on sustainable business practices, choosing how we package our tea is an important challenge. Tea leaves require air-tight storage to maintain their freshness, so our packaging decisions balance protecting the quality of the tea leaves with ensuring minimal environmental impact.

    Reducing packaging will always be the most eco-friendly choice. That’s why we always recommend – and give you the tools to - choose loose leaf over teabags.

    Currently our loose leaf & unenveloped tea bag pouches and teabag envelopes are recyclable in the soft plastics recycling waste stream.

    Although It’s not proven yet whether bioplastic compostable packaging is better for the environment than an easily recyclable traditional plastic, we are still investing in trialling biodegradable packaging options for all our products. We have materials currently in test phase and will keep you updated on both our – and industry - findings.

    How do I dispose of or recycle your packaging?
    Our loose leaf & unenveloped tea bag pouches and teabag envelopes are recyclable in the soft plastics recycling waste stream. In the UK, some councils collect this roadside, but many don’t, so we recommend taking empty packs to your local soft plastics recycling point. These are usually found at large supermarkets, you can find out where your closest soft plastics recycling point by put your postcode in here.

    Do your teabags contain plastic?
    No, our tea bags have always been free from traditional plastic. The mesh is a plant-based material called “poly lactic acid” (PLA), which is derived from corn-starch.

    What is your teabag material made from?
    Our teabags are made from a plant-based material called PLA which is made from corn starch.

    Are your teabags biodegradable?
    Yes. PLA mesh needs high temperatures to biodegrade, so just pop your used teabags in your council food waste bin.

    Can I recycle your teabags in my food recycling and/ or can I compost your teabags at home?
    PLA mesh needs high temperatures to biodegradable which is why we recommend disposing of your used teabags in your council food waste bin, rather than composting at home.