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Breakfast Teas

Our Breakfast Teas recipes have been carefully optimised to blend beautifully with or without milk, for the finest expression of two legendary terroirs for black tea: Assam and Ceylon. These single origin blends capture the true taste quality of these regions, offering strength, deep colour and extraordinary flavour.

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      Organic Cherrywood Lapsang - Loose Leaf - Black Tea - JING Tea 352
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      Black Tea Organic Cherrywood Lapsang Smoke, Incense, Malty From Yunnan, China
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      Organic Yunnan Breakfast 232
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      Black Tea Organic Yunnan Breakfast Malty, Plum, Ginger From Yongde Garden, Yunnan China
    3. Assam Breakfast - Loose Leaf Black Tea - JING Tea
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      Black Tea Assam Breakfast Tea Malty, Honey, Raisin From Assam, India
    4. Ceylon_Breakfast_Tea_Bags
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      Black Tea Ceylon Breakfast Tea Bags Malty, Black Pepper, Citrus Peel From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka
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    5. Assam Breakfast - Black Tea - Tea Bags - JING Tea
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      Black Tea English Breakfast Tea Bags Malty, Honey, Raisin From Assam, India
    6. JING Tea Ceylon Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea
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      Black Tea Ceylon Breakfast Malty, Black Pepper, Citrus Peel From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka

    Selection of JING’s Breakfast Teas

    Within our selection of English breakfast teas you’ll find a range of breakfast tea from distinct origins. Assam in north east India is a home of black tea (one of the six types of tea), and traditionally many have thought this is the home of the best English breakfast tea, you can find out more about this ultimate breakfast tea. Breakfast tea from Assam is strong, robust and thick and tastes malty with raisin notes. Sri Lanka is another distinguished home of black teas, which are popular for making loose leaf breakfast tea, tea from Sri Lanka are lighter than ones from Assam, find out more about the differences in our article: assam vs Ceylon, what’s the difference. You might ask what is breakfast tea? It’s not linked to one specific place, it is just strong black tea that’s often enjoyed in the morning with milk, you’ll find lots of different names, even ones like London breakfast tea, but the best way to know what it’ll taste like is to know where it was grown, that’s why we call ours Assam Breakfast, Ceyon Breakfast and Organic Yunnan Breakfast – our brand new Organic English breakfast tea.

    Breakfast Tea Benefits, What Is It Good For?

    You might also ask what are the English breakfast tea benefits? Or wonder is English Breakfast tea good for you? English breakfast tea ingredients English breakfast tea leaves, like all tea leaves are a natural source of antioxidants and tea is hydrating too – but we think the best benefits of English breakfast tea is in enjoying the taste! Finding a distinctive and characterful tea that you love the taste of and that supports the people who grow it and the place it’s come from is the best way to enjoy English breakfast tea, we think. As well as loose leaf breakfast teas from Assam, Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon tea) and Yunnan in China you’ll also find English Breakfast Teabags, we have them with teas from both Assam and Sri Lanka. Now all you need to do is decide which one to enjoy with your .