Spring Teas

April is an exciting month for tea lovers. It brings the first of the season’s teas, made from the delicate buds that the bushes produce after their winter dormancy. These teas are highly anticipated for their fresh and sweet spring flavours.

    1. 399
      Baojing Gold Loose Tea 399
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      Green Tea Baojing Gold Fresh, Sappy, Reviving Ludong Garden, Hunan, China
    2. 232
      Loose Darjeeling First Flush Tea 232
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      Black Tea Organic Darjeeling First Flush Supreme Fragrant, Sweet, Reviving Badamtam Estate, Darjeeling, India
    3. 232
      Organic Dragon Well Supreme - Loose Leaf Tea 232
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      Green Tea Organic Dragon Well Supreme Floral, Nutty, Creamy Yong'an Garden, Hangzhou, China
    4. 387
      Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes Loose Tea 387
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      Puerh Tea Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes Warm, Earthy, Smooth Donghzai Garden, Yunnan, China
      10 Cakes£14.50