We travel throughout Asia to discover characterful single garden teas to bring you the richest, most fulfilling tea drinking experience – from the ancient gardens of China, to the high mountains of Taiwan and the rolling foothills of Darjeeling.

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  1. Traditional Iron Buddha - Loose Tea
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    Oolong Tea Traditional Iron Buddha Deep, Nutty, Satisfying From Zhenming Garden, Fujian, China
  2. JING Loose Flowering Jasmine and Lily Bulbs in a Glass Tube
    90% of 100
    4.5 out of 5
    Flowering Tea Flowering Jasmine & Lily Floral , Honeyed, Enticing From Fujian, China
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  3. JING Flowering Osmanthus Tea Bulbs in a Glass Tube
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    Flowering Tea Flowering Osmanthus Sweet, Soothing, Captivating From Fujian, China
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  4. JING Loose Flowering Dragon Eye Bulbs - Glass Packaging
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    Flowering Tea Flowering Dragon Eye Light, Floral, Mesmerising From Fujian, China
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  5. JING Loose Flowering Jasmine and Arch Bulbs in a Glass Tube
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    Flowering Tea Flowering Jasmine Arch Sweet, Fragrant, Charming From Fujian, China
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  6. JING Tea Jasmine Pearls Caddy Green Tea Packaging_Resized
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    Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Tea Caddy Sweet, Floral, Enticing From Fujian, China
  7. JING Tea Iron Buddha Caddy Oolong Tea Packaging_Resized
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    Oolong Tea Iron Buddha Tea Caddy Floral, Creamy, Refreshing From Fujian, China
  8. JING Tea Yunnan Gold Loose Leaf Black Tea
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    Black Tea Yunnan Gold Strong, Rich, Invigorating From Yunshan, Yunnan, China
  9. 403
    JING Tea Vintage Imperial Puerh Loose Leaf Puerh Tea 403
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    Puerh Tea Vintage Imperial Puerh Spicy, Supple, Indulgent From Nandaohe Garden, Yunnan, China