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Oolong Tea

Li Shan

Floral, Creamy, Quenching

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Our pick of Taiwan's best high mountain oolongs
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Li Shan Oolong Tea


The Origin Story
Our Li Shan is a lightly oxidised and tightly rolled oolong, grown on one of the tallest mountains in Taiwan. On infusion, the tea has a pristine bright yellow colour and an amazingly floral and sweet aroma. Due to the altitude at which Li Shan oolong is grown, and the slow growth that this allows, the leaves of the tea are very large and often separated by large, long stems. These large leaves expand and fill the teapot after each infusion. This is the ultimate experience of a lightly oxidised and fired Taiwanese oolong.
Taiwan - Tai'Chung

Taichung is one of Taiwan's most famous high mountain oolong regions

The Taichung region is home to Taiwan's most famous high mountain oolongs, Li Shan Oolong and Dayuling Oolong (grown at elevations in excess of 2,000m).

  • Cultivar
    Qing Xin
  • Oxidisation Level
  • Picked
    Spring or Winter

Tasting Notes

Engage Your Senses

What to
Look For

Dense, tightly rolled large leaves, attached to thick stems. The leaves are dark pine green in colour, with a fresh, just-rolled appearance


Intensely floral and fruity with osmanthus blossom and apricot scents

In the Cup

Bright, shining, almost luminescent golden-green


Smooth, incredibly creamy and thirst quenching with syrupy sweetness, grass, tropical fruit and flower flavours

Make the Perfect Cup of Li Shan


Measure 4g or 1tbsp per cup (250ml)

Heat Water
Heat Water

Heat water to 100°C


Infuse tea for 3 minutes

3 min

You can re-infuse this tea up to 3 times