Modern Matcha Gift Set

This set is the perfect gift for any matcha lover, or equally anyone who is new to matcha. It comes with all the tools you need to make the perfect cup simply at home or on-the-go.

Modern Matcha Gift Set


Our Modern Matcha gift set has everything you need to make a delicious, frothy cup of matcha in minutes. The set contains 30g of our certified Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha, together with our easy-to-use Matcha Shaker and a bamboo Chashaku. Bursting with health benefits, our organic matcha contains high levels of antioxidants, making this the ideal gift for any health and wellness lover looking for a new, daily tea ritual. We’ve taken single origin one step further with a single garden, single cultivar Matcha that's organically produced in Kirishima in the south of Japan's Kyushu island. Each spring, small batches of leaves are picked and traditionally stone-milled, resulting in a fine, vivid powder. It's packed full of floral aromas with a thick, creamy texture and the right balance of sweetness and deep umami.

*Shaker Care: Gentle hand wash with warm water. 


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    1 month ago

    Saves years of practice

    I’ve yet to acquire the knack of getting an even foam using a bamboo whisk. I don’t really like using an electric one, and the flavour seems different to me (too much oxygen incorporated?). Twenty seconds shaking with this kit, followed by immediate decanting gives me a creamy foam and a fragrant suspension.
  2. Rating

    6 months ago

    Great expectations that didn't materialize

    I was really excited when I bought the on-the-go bottle. The design looks great but the matcha tea does not dissolve as promised (even if you shake it 4 time longer than what it says in the instructions). Not worth it at all.


    I am glad you were excited about your purchase of the Matcha Shaker and I am sorry that it isn’t working as you expected.
    There are a couple of things I can think of which might be causing the problem. Matcha is different to other powdered drink options because it isn’t designed to dissolve, unlike hot chocolate or instant coffee. It is a finely ground green tea leaf which we aim to evenly suspend through water. The Matcha Shaker should be able to help you achieve that - make sure it’s fully dry when you add your matcha as the fineness of the powder means it could clump if it attaches to drips.
    In terms of it being ground, the quality of Matcha will also make a difference. We recommend using a matcha which has been traditionally stoneground - and so a very fine powder.
    The other thing about it being a suspension is that the Matcha can settle. If you use the shaker and then set it aside for a period of time (as little as ten minutes) the matcha will separate from the water and start to settle at the bottom of the flask. This shouldn’t cause clumping though - just give it a good shake again when you’re ready to drink it.
    Finally, shake it as you would a cocktail shaker - so side to side, rather than up and down, this will make sure maximum friction with the whisk and the smoothest experience.
    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions or feedback just let me know at [email protected]
    Thanks, Steph, JING Customer Service
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