Scented Tea

Scented teas are processed as one of the six types, then combined with a flower or fruit for added flavour. Our scented teas are naturally fragranced with fresh flowers or natural oils to create vivid aromas and a memorable taste experience.



    Our scented teas perfectly balance the flavour of high quality spring teas with uplifting natural fragrances. We only buy examples scented several times with fresh flowers or natural oils to create teas that not only smell but taste exceptional.

    Selection of scented teas by JING

    What is scented tea? It’s tea that has been processed like a regular black, white, green or other tea, then combined with a flower or fruit to add a new natural flavour. There are a few types of scented tea: our range spans bold and fragrant Earl Grey from Sri Lanka to mellow and floral Chinese scented tea like Jasmine Silver Needle. We also source a warming and aromatic Chai from Assam in India.

    Scented tea benefits: what is it good for?

    The benefits of scented tea are similar to the benefits of our other teas. For a true scented tea taste, we always advise buying loose scented tea leaves. This is also minimises the packaging your tea requires. If you are looking for a third benefit, loose leaf scented teas also tend to be less expensive than the equivalent teabags.