The flavours and complexity of our pu erh teas, have an appeal akin to the very best wines and whiskies, offering the ultimate Pu erh tea experience, whether young or mature. Our Royal Pu erh from the 1990s is an outstanding example a beautifully aged cooked pu erh; fragrant, harmonious and balanced.

What is Pu erh Tea?

Pu erh tea is tea that has been aged in carefully controlled environments and is very different to other teas. The aging process adds a fascinating dimension, maturing the tea into something richer, smoother mellower and more complex but without losing the original life of the young fresh leaf. 

New to Pu erh? our Royal Pu erh offers a fantastic introduction. 

Xisuanbanna Tea Picker, Yunnan

Xishuangbanna Tea Picker, Yunnan, China