Matcha Gifts

Our Collection of Matcha gifts has something for everyone, from our modern Matcha shaker to handmade traditional accessories. Savour and delight in every element of Japanese Matcha green tea.

    1. Modern Matcha Gift Set - Stainless Steel - Teaware - JING Tea
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    2. 232
      Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade 232
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      Green Tea Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Umami, Cream, Cut Grass From Kirishima Chuou Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
    3. Matcha Shaker
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      Teaware Matcha Shaker
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    4. Handmade Matcha Ceremonial Bowl
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    5. Bamboo ‘Chasen’ Matcha Whisk
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    6. Bamboo ‘Chasaku’ Matcha Spatula
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