One of our favourites in the office at the moment is Li Shan oolong tea. It's a lightly oxidised and fired Taiwanese oolong. Not only does it taste fantastic (extremely floral and creamy) but it does something rather special when you infuse it that not even a great tea like an Ali Shan oolong does. Only seeing this for yourself does it justice but I've taken some photos to try to show you what happens.

Just before boiling point water added, the leaves begin to unfurl.

The leaves have fully unfurled and have filled the teapot!

The resulting cup is delicious and looks like this

If you pluck a leaf out of the teapot it will look something like this, some of the largest leaves we've seen. A characteristic of this tea is that the leaves are still attached to the stalks so they can look like mini branches.

All in all it's a great sight and a great taste at the end of it. Our Li Shan has been reviewed by a couple of tea blogs and thankfully, they seem to feel the same way about Li Shan as us. You can find these reviews at Tea Escapade and the Walker Tea Review.