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19th May 2009


London Chinese Masterchef

Edward was lucky enough to be on the judging panel for this today and a few of us took it in turns to go and see what was happening at the event. I managed to find the only spare white coat so that I could get in amongst the heat of the kitchen and see the best Chinese chefs in London in action. I was only there for the Lobster starters but all three dishes looked lovely. Chinese kitchens have a very particularly buzzy atmosphere, a very热闹 (renao) atmospherse.热闹 (renao) is a Mandarin word meaning lively, bustling, noisy. I think it comes from all the woks full of bubbling oil and the cooking style of the food, flash frying and frying and the pungent, often hot and spicy aromas of the food.

Some of the Lobster dishes they prepared are shown below. For further photos from the event please see our Flickr page.

I think the first or  second dish looks the tastiest, what do you think?