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11th November 2020


Organic Vs. Conventional Tea: What’s The Difference?

There are four main reasons why going organic is so important, being that it’s good for: the tea gardens, the drinker, the taste and the producers. So, by Spring 2022 we aim to make 80% of our teas certified organic or have our own Made Without Pesticides stamp. We believe that by being environmentally responsible, not only will our teas be tastier and healthier, it will benefit the farmers too.

Tea gardens that make the move to going organic often face the short term hurdles of lower yields and higher costs. However, we’ve seen that the long term effects are well worth it. Organic farms welcome back the biodiversity of nature as it should be, creating a balanced ecosystem that allows the tea bushes to become stronger and richer, while building an immunity to unpredictable weather conditions. The soil of these gardens also has the ability to soak up and store more carbon, helping the fight against climate change.

When tea is grown organically, it is free of pesticides and harmful herbicide residue as the farmers favour natural growth, therefore the tea you drink should taste cleaner and clearer. All tea types have their own unique tastes that can offer a glimpse of the landscape, the climate and the culture of the land from where it was carefully grown and produced. Weather and altitude factor hugely in the overall taste and feel of a tea, allowing the leaves to react to the local conditions is what creates their unique flavours. So knowing that the tea is free of pesticides helps to put your mind at ease, leaving you to enjoy the drink itself.

Organic farms that have welcomed back biodiversity help to protect the environment. This includes wildlife which thrives in such conditions, maintaining their population and encouraging a healthy ecosystem. These species help to increase the strength of the crop, which in turn improves the livelihoods of the farming communities.

Our tea bags are biodegradable and plastic-free and filled with the same loose leaf tea as you’ll find in our larger loose leaf bags. This way, you can be sure to expect the same quality tea with each infusion. It also means that there will be no compromise to the taste and that the teabags do not add to landfills and excessive waste. These tea bags should be disposed of in your food waste bin.

To summarise, organic tea is a cleaner, better tasting and healthier drink. You can enjoy our teas knowing that it benefits the planet and the farmers as well. When compared to conventional tea, the flavour is more pronounced and unique rather than bland and predictable. Teas that are organic can open up a whole new world of tea experiences and flavours.