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6th June 2020


Our Lockdown Favourites

Explore some of our favourites on food, drink, nature, culture and travel. Let these heroes fill the space that lockdown has left for food, travel and culture. Enjoy this mix of hidden gems and classics.

We’ll be sharing more of what the rest of the team have been watching soon.

Somebody Feed Phil – Bangkok

Somebody Feed Phil – Bangkok (Netflix)

Philip Rosenthal is best known as being the creator of long-running sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond," but in this series, he takes viewers on a personal eating tour of the world. While in Bangkok, the lovable, wide-eyed Phil gets a taste of the local cuisine and culture, boating through the busy river markets and scooping up some intriguing desserts from street food vendors. His enthusiasm for people is infectious and endearing, as he shakes hands and shares a smile with all the locals he meets along the way. He even manages to stop by the city’s famed Author’s Lounge for a spot of tea and cake too!

Watch it here.

Row 7 Seeds (Company)

Row 7 is a seed company taking an adventurous approach to food and flavour that goes right back to the beginning. The idea for the company came about in 2013 when chef Dan Barber challenged vegetable breeder Michael Mazourek to grow the best tasting butternut squash. After this experiment, they realised the focus had to be on cultivating the best seeds possible; producing the highest quality veggies with maximum flavour and texture, while championing organic, non-GMO produce. Aiming to succeed where commodification had failed, in their own words they’re “grounded in the notion that deliciousness might just change the world”. We couldn’t agree more.

Learn more.

Row 7 Seeds
Ron Finley: A Guerrilla Gardener in South Central LA
Ron Finley: A Guerrilla Gardener in South Central LA

Ron Finley – A Guerrilla Gardener in South Central LA (TED Talk)

Ron Finley is a local hero, educating and inspiring an entire country to grow their own food from little resource. He’s been dubbed the ‘guerrilla gardener’ and teaches people in his neighbourhood in Los Angeles how to grow their own food on rooftops, unused spaces and even by the side of the road. By challenging his community to think greener, he’s changing the way people view food, creating happier, healthier people in a society dominated by fast food. His TED talk is an inspiration that we can all take a lesson from ­– no space is too small!

Watch it here.

Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree (Book)

You might have seen in the news last week that for the first time in centuries wild White Storks have hatched in the UK. They hatched at Knepp, a re-wilding project in Sussex. This book tells the story of the 'Knepp experiment', pioneered by Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell, who gave their clay farmland back to the wild having realised that the intensive farming of their land had become both economically and ecologically unsustainable. After long battles with the authorities and even with some of their neighbours, they took a leap of faith and let nature take over. It's not just the storks - this book tells of butterflies, scrub and so many other important contributors to our biosphere that have returned as a result of what they've fought for. I was worried in the first few pages that I'd picked up a text book but absolutely not - I read it in a weekend - some of what we've done to the countryside and to nature is hard to stomach, but it's an important and inspiring story about agriculture, humans and nature. Now to wait for their UK safaris to re-open so I can book in and meet these storks!

Read it here.

The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree
Mary Robinson & Maeve Higgins

Mothers Of Invention (Podcast)

Former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins present this uplifting podcast that discusses the issue of climate change, while highlighting the women who are fighting to save our planet. Each episode is as hilarious as it is insightful, tackling hugely complex issues and empowering listeners with solutions from women around the world who are changing the way we do things. It’s all about the hosts Mary and Maeve who work so well together, making this one of those podcasts you can listen to for hours. We particularly loved the episode ‘Against The Grain’ that lifts the lid on food and its connection to the climate.

Listen here.


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