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7th November 2018


Pork & Prawn Gyoza with Rhubarb Soy | Sencha Tea Pairing

Shizuoka, where our Japanese Sencha green tea is sourced from, has long been famed for its clear waters, volcanic soils and natural beauty. The area is known for being particularly suited for the cultivation of green tea as a result of diverse terroir, and tea here is enjoyed alongside deliciously light, fresh cuisine – especially gyoza. Adding a British twist to the dipping sauce – rhubarb – really makes this dish sing.


JING Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Chef Rob Roy's rationale when creating this pairing started with the texture of the tea, which is thick and silky; the fatty nature of minced pork belly serves to enhance this characteristic. The tasting notes for Sencha have some green fruit, so the choice of rhubarb in the soy not only imparts a British touch, but adds an acidity that gives this sauce a longer finish, cuts through the salinity and draws the natural sweetness from the prawns and tea.

Japanese Sencha Green tea infusion
JING Asia's Greatest Tea Regions
JING Japanese Sencha Tea Pairing with Pork Prawn Gyoza from chef Rob Roy Cameron

JING Japanese Sencha Green Tea Pairing

Pork & Prawn Gyoza with Rhubarb Soy

Serves: 4

For the Rhubarb Soy

500ml Light Soy Sauce
250g Chopped Rhubarb

For the filling

15g Dry Shitakes
500g Minced Pork Belly
200g Chopped Prawns
7g Sesame Sauce
17g Light Soy Sauce
80g Finely Chopped water chestnut
80g Finely Chopped Scallion
10g Salt

For the gyozas
1 Pack of Dumpling Wrappers


For the Soy 

Cut the rhubarb into small pieces and fill a kilner jar and cover with the soy sauce. Leave to steep for at least one month - the longer the better

For the Filling 

Mix all the ingredients together and store

For the Gyoza

  • Place a teaspoon of filling in the centre of your wrapper and fold. Lightly pinch both sides of your wrapper in the centre point of the dumpling’s seam.
  • While firmly holding the seam with your thumb and index finger, use your index and middle finger of your other hand to fold a small portion of the wrapper towards the centre of the seam to create your first pleat. Be sure to only use one side of the wrapper to form the pleat. The other side should be smooth.
  • Add more pleats, working away from the centre seam. You should end up with three evenly spaced pleats on one side of your dumpling.
  • Repeat the entire process on the other side using your other hand.
  • Warm a pan on medium heat with a little oil.
  • Arrange the gyozas fold side up on the pan and cook until golden brown.
  • Once the base is golden brown fill with water half way up the dumplings and cover.
  • Cook until the water has evaporated.
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Recipe by 

Rob Roy Cameron

Executive Chef, Gazelle, Mayfair