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16th September 2019


How to Pick the Perfect Teapot

Tea culture is a part of British culture, but there’s more to teapots than leaky spouts, chipped porcelain and knitted tea warmers. For those of us who drink tea enough to care, we know that the functionality of the teapot – including its size, shape and material – is key to achieving the perfect cup.

There is pleasure to be taken from the whole process of tea making, from infusing to pouring. A teapot making bad tea is certainly not something we should aspire to as a British icon.

Teapot Set with sand timer on bamboo board

What Makes the Perfect Teapot?

A teapot is in fact simply a pot with a handle, spout, and lid, in which tea is infused and from which it is poured. When selecting a teapot, most of us focus on its design and size, but these aren’t the most important factors. The perfect teapot is one that not only looks beautiful and infuses the right amount of tea, but also brings out the best in the tea’s quality. Tea leaves that are hand-picked for their distinct character deserve to be infused in a teapot that gets the full flavour out of them.

The Chinese Gong Fu Tea ceremony, translated as “making tea with skill”, is JING’s main source of inspiration. The ceremony centres on the idea of making tea that is truly exquisite and satisfying. JING’s tea leaves are made to be infused time and time again, without losing their distinguished flavour.

The making and enjoyment of perfect tea is at the heart of how we design all JING teaware and the teapot is the tea lover’s most important tool.

Pitcher pouring tea into cups

Why is Glass Better?

At JING, we pride ourselves on our collection of crystal clear borosilicate glass teapots made by masters with a minimum of five years’ experience in hand-blowing and crafting glass. The process of making each piece of glass is thorough: at least 10 different steps over four days, as the glass is slowly heated and then precisely cooled.

Borosilicate glass, with low coefficients of thermal expansion, is more resistant to thermal shock than any other glass. So no matter your desired temperature of tea, our teapots are made to withstand and retain the heat.

A Journey Through our Teapot Collection

Over the years, JING have refined the design of their teapots to encourage everyday enjoyment of loose tea. If you give tea leaves space to move in the water, you will make a full-flavoured infusion because convection currents swirl the water around the leaves and aid infusion. With details like non-drip spouts, these handmade glass teapots are elegant, practical and durable. They deliver not only great tasting tea but a moment of calm appreciation.

Two Cup Teapot

The traditional style Two Cup Teapot is the perfect size for sharing two generous cups of tea, without leaving any excess in the pot. With a simple metal filter, it ensures that no leaves escape and find their way into your cup. Its larger size also allows space for the tealeaves to reach full bloom.

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Two Cup Teapot Set and Timer on Uplift Tray

One Cup Teapot Set with Timer on Bamboo Tray

One Cup Teapot

Our signature One Cup Teapot is the ultimate teapot for enjoying tea at its best. Specifically designed to match the capacity of the cup and saucer, this ensures you brew what you drink and get the full range of flavours without leaving your leaves to stew and ruining your second cup. The tea coil filter integrated in the spout makes this ideal for large loose leaf tea. It includes an integrated coil filter to keep the tealeaves from entering the cup. Despite its delicate appearance, this teapot is sturdy and dishwasher friendly.

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For a tea party or afternoon tea with family and friends, our Tea-iere is the perfect pot to accommodate a crowd. With an impressive 1000ml capacity and simple design, the tealeaves can fully unfurl in a captivating display. The built-in filter guarantees that each cup is pristine. Use the Tea-iere for every kind of tea, including loose tea and cold infusions for summertime.

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Traditional Chinese Gong Fu Tea Set on Bamboo Water Tray

Gong Fu Teapot

Lastly, for the connoisseurs among you, the Gong Fu Teapot, a small vessel inspired by traditional Chinese tea culture, helps you master your own tea ceremony. The compact design encourages experimentation with multiple short infusions, where you can control and play with the strength and flavours. This pot is especially well suited to pu-erh and oolong teas, which are made to be re-infused. For the full effect, use the pot alongside the Gong Fu pitcher and tasting cups from the Gong Fu Set, which are sure to impress your guests.

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