I spend a lot of the year travelling in China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan and perhaps too much time in London. When I am travelling in Asia, buying tea, Hong Kong is my hub.  I grew up in the countryside and love being in nature.  As a city, Hong Kong is one of the very few that I like and is definitely my favourite.  My wife lived here for nearly 5 years before we met and we have a lot of freinds and family in the city. I realised why I like it so much the other day.  It's because its so vibrant, squeezed between the sea and the mountains, which you can't help seeing when you're on the move.  Its full of shrines to nature: fountains, little parks etc, which seem to have been made to give a real taste of what its like to be in the countryside. It's full of down-to-earth hustle and bustle.  You have an incredible, beautiful building (perhaps a bank) and then right next to it, a little alley full of market stalls selling tofu, dried fish, amazing fruit and vegetables.

There is no separation between the new and the old, the corporate and the stuff of everyday life.

You also can't get away from the fact that at night, its one of the most spectacular and atmospheric cities on  the planet.  Going into Hong Kong at night is so exciting.  I always feel like its going to be a special night, even if I just walk through the streets.

I have left my bags many times, only to come back and find them in the same place.  I don't recommend this though!  I have also loved staying on the surrounding islands of Lamma and Lantau.  You can take a short ferry and a walk and be in a tiny fishing village, up a mountain or in what feels and looks like tropical jungle.I think I have a made a good case for Hong Kong (and haven't even mentioned the food or the tea culture!).  Travel to Hong Kong when you can, I don't think you'll be disappointed.