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27th June 2017


Spotlight On: Ali Shan Oolong Tea

Our fantastic Ali Shan Oolong Tea

If you like oolong, you have to try our Ali Shan tea. From the famous Ali Shan mountain of Taiwan, where many tourists flock to take in the beautiful scenery, this tea is a fine and affordable example of high mountain oolong. Why might you enjoy it?

It's easy to drink. 

If you’re new to the world of oolong, Ali Shan is a great place to start for its accessible, light and delicious flavour.

The comforting aroma.

A warm smell of baked cream, vanilla and sweet vegetables, this tea is sweet, smooth and comforting to inhale.

You can enjoy it again.

The great thing with good quality teas is that you can infuse them at least two times after the first serving.

The visual spectacle. 

Large leaves and stalks means that this tea unfurls into the pot into a lush and full infusion of delicious oolong.

This Ali Shan comes directly from our friend Chen, a tea farmer in Meishan, which is part of the Ali Shan area of Chiayi County in Taiwan.  Many teas from the region command a higher price because of the fame associated with the area but we’ve sourced this one carefully, directly from a small tea garden, and built a strong relationship with Chen, the tea master.

Ali Shan Tea


A skilled master, Chen has his own processing factory and several tea gardens, as well as supporting other local tea gardens that need management. He has discovered, as have many other tea farmers like him, that picking tea is no longer handed down generation to generation, and the young are moving on to pastures new. As such, there is increasing difficulty in finding skilled workers.
He himself has worked many years in the local community, since inheriting the gardens from his father and grandfather. He’s a passionate, almost political advocate of organic farming methods, which goes against a common Taiwanese view that the land relies on pesticides to provide strong crops. His determination and attention to his gardens, though, has seen him through two of the three year process it takes to qualify as organic to rigorous international standards. It won’t be long now until he has achieved something many thought he couldn’t: a fully organic status.

What stood out for us about this tea, beyond the tenacity and love that Chen clearly has for his gardens, are the healthy and full bushes he cultivates. This tea gives a good account of the unique features expected of High Mountain Jin Xuan oolong; a very creamy infusion with floral notes. It’s a very fine yet accessible oolong indeed.

How else to enjoy our Ali Shan Oolong

Oolong Tea & Sesame Shortbread

Sesame Shortbread

A pairing suggestion

There's a creaminess to Ali Shan that complements the butter of a simple shortbread, without too much sugar. The addition of toasted sesame seeds adds an even silkier depth, and elicits the subtle vegetal notes of this tea.

Ali Shan Oolong Cold Tea

Just add pineapple

A cold infusion suggestion

The addition of whole, fresh fruit to a cold infused tea can tease out flavours for a more saturated experience. What's more, it's delicious to eat alongside. For Ali Shan tea, we suggest chunks of fresh pineapple.

JING Tea Master Pouring Out into Two Teacups

Drink the traditional way.

The Tea Master

Traditionally, oolong has been enjoyed in short, quick and multiple infusions. The Tea Master was inspired by ceremony, but designed for today.