Easter Tea & Chocolate Pairings

There is a debate amongst tea lovers about whether tea and chocolate pair well together. On the one hand tea and chocolate share bitter flavours which complement each other; on the other hand, the sugariness of chocolate and the slight bitterness of tea can sometimes accentuate one another beyond what’s desirable. We have found that if you choose carefully, chocolate and tea can be great together.

After a few rounds of expert tastings with our Founder - Ed, and Head of Tea - Tom, we have highlighted some authentic, single origin teas from our range that we believe perfectly complement each type of chocolate, so you can really indulge your senses over Easter.

Tea Before Chocolate, or Chocolate Before Tea!?

We recommend tasting the chocolate first as it will coat the mouth, before allowing the tea to warm, melt and moisten, which will in turn highlight the aromatic components of the chocolate. Tea will also counteract feelings of sickly over-indulgence.

Milk Chocolate Tea Pairing

JING Yunnan Gold – a pairing of fantastic synergies. This is a really characterful tea with maltiness and sweet spice notes that go so well with the milky sugariness of milk chocolate; it cleanses the palate of any over-sugariness and the malt and sweet spice notes complement the milky-sugariness of the chocolate as does its slightly milky finish.

JING Gyokuro – the unmistakably thick, creamy, and umami rich qualities of this iconic green tea complement the milk chocolate while its clarity and freshness offset the (sometimes) sickly-sweetness of the chocolate for an uplifting taste experience.

Dark Chocolate (70%) Tea Pairing

JING Earl Grey – A JING classic, this refreshing and bright black tea is lifted with citrus, so when paired with dark chocolate, it refreshes the palate and lifts the slightly heavier, darker notes that come from the cocoa.

JING Keemun Gong Fu – A wonderful Chinese tea that is clean and light, Keemun Gong Fu has fresh, toasty notes that complement the bitterness and intensity of dark chocolate, and it has a fruity sweetness which highlights and accentuates any berry notes within the chocolate.

White Chocolate Tea Pairing

JING Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade – this combination goes unbelievably well together! Our organic Matcha’s rich umami character highlights the milky, creamy qualities of white chocolate and its vibrant freshness offsets any sickly-sweetness. It is a truly harmonious combination which delivers far beyond expectations.

For a Truly Memorable Taste Experience

Organic Matcha


Yunnan Gold


Earl Grey