Our beautifully designed teapot. The perfect size for making one large cup or many small cups in gong fu style. (Height 10cm, Width 16cm approx). This pot includes a removable metal coil filter in the spout to prevent any leaves from ending up in your cup.

275ml Glass One-Cup Teapot £25.20 Add to Basket
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With a capacity of 275ml and a filter in the spout, your tea will never over-infuse. 

As used in Heston Blumenthal's award winning The Fat Duck and featured in his "Fantastical Food" television series.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Fridge Safe
  • 100°C Safe
  • A highlight of my morning

    Prof Samantha Warren, 7 Aug 11

    5 stars rating
    I adore my Jing teapot, the coil for the spout is an inspired design and its the perfect size for a good mug of tea - and then you can just keep topping it up. It looks lovely and makes such a nice sound when you clink it :o) Thoroughly recommend!
  • Its design makes a great gift for tea newbies!

    Admin @ Lainiesips.com, 14 Jul 10

    5 stars rating
    Traditionalists who eschew modern tea infusers rejoice: Here is a functional, well-designed, yet beautiful teapot that should suit you well.

    This glass teapot is just the right size for a single cup of tea (it can also be used for gong-fu style service, though I think it a little big for that). It is crystal-clear, with a wide spout and squat body.

    It is easy to use, too: A wire coil extends through the spout to catch tea leaves such that an additional strainer is not necessary (although some very small leaves/particles may slip through). The spout is not prone to clogging, which is great for quickly decanting tea.

    Many small teapots have a small “airhole” on the lid-handle. This is supposed to allow for easy pouring of the tea, but it is also easy to get a steam-burn when grabbing the lid-handle. This teapot’s airhole is located on the lid itself, making the lid-handle much more accessible.