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  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Is Green Tea Really Good For You?

    We came across this article detailing the health benefits of drinking green tea in the Times yesterday. It quotes some research from the Athens Medical School and focuses mainly ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Puerh Tuo Cha

    Following on from our recent post on Puerh tea tasting and the struggling puerh industry in Menghai county. Some of the Puerh we sell at JING comes in the ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Wuyi Big Red Robe

    Our new stock of Big Red Robe Oolong tea recently arrived so we thought we would share a few of our photos of the terroir from our ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Puerh Tasting

      Last week, we tasted a fantastic range of 21 new Puerh teas. Of these 21, we'll soon be selecting the best to be sold through ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Edward Eisler Wins Battle Of The Senses

    Posted on Monday 13 October 2008 by Bethan Decanter Magazine recently took a sommelier (Mathieu Gaignon, the Connaught Hotel), a perfumier (Linda Pilkington, owner of boutique perfume house ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Fair Trade China Teas

    JING Tea is proud to announce that we have successfully sponsored our key producers and packer in China to become fair trade certified by IMO, ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    The Great Tea Bag Debate

    The BBC's 'Working Lunch' recently invited JING Tea's founder, Edward Eisler, onto the programme to discuss the revolutionary development of nylon tea bags. Edward has been quoted ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Essential tea-making tips

    TIP 1 - USE A TEA PITCHER The tea pitcher is one of the things I hate to be without when I make tea. When I ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Terroir And Tea

    In this blog, I explore the crucial significance of terroir (placeness) in relation to teas in China. There is no direct equivalent in English for the ...

  • Bohea Tea In Tea Pot

    Puerh Tea

    Puerh tea has been touted as a weight loss miracle. In China puerh is catching the attention of investors as it increases in value at ...

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