When making the best teas it is ideal to use a small, traditional Chinese teapot like this one - it will ensure that you can control the infusion perfectly and create a full bodied and balanced cup of tea.

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Hand-crafted from borosilicate glass, our Gong Fu Teapot showcases the beauty of tea as it unfurls before your eyes.

You will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea - our small, 250ml teapot ensures that none of the flavour of your tea is dissipated, and the clarity of glass offers the ultimate control to judge when your infusion is just right.

Our Gong Fu Teapot's inbuilt glass strainer holds back your tea leaves, keeping your infusion crystal clear. 

For a complete Gong Fu experience try our Gong Fu Tea Set


  • Our Gongfu Teapot measures 8cm in diameter and 10cm high
  • All JING Glass is Dishwasher Safe and 100°C Safe
  • JING Glass is hand-blown by masters using the purest borosilicate glass. As each piece is made by hand you may see slight differences between individual items.

Read more about the unique production of JING Glass. 

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  • 5 stars rating


    Paul T, Sep 2015

    A high-quality, attractive, ideally shaped and sized teapot that's straightforward to use and easy to clean. What more could you want?
  • 5 stars rating

    Glass Gong Fu teapot

    Evelyn Cashdan, Jul 2015

    A lovely little teapot ideal for a person on their own who never wans a second cup.
  • 5 stars rating

    my dinky teapot

    YVONNE MANTLE, Jul 2015

    I love my teapot a great way to start my day just right for me when I start work.
  • 5 stars rating

    gong fu teapot

    julia spence, Mar 2015

    Teapot arrived very securely packaged unfortunately it was too small for my requirements so I had to send it back. There was no quibble and a refund was promptly made. Thank you.
  • 5 stars rating

    Glass gong fu tea pot

    Frank Salvoni, Feb 2015

    Love making my tea in this glass teapot as i can see when it has infused perfectly,
    and it is just the right size.
    Am pleased that i bought it.
  • 5 stars rating

    Perfect little gong fu tea pot!

    Maxine , Jan 2015

    I bought this for my Niece for Christmas and she adores it. She said making the tea is the perfect ritual for relaxing her while studying after college, rather than coming home and making giant mugs of hot chocolate! She uses it daily & said the peppermint loose leaf tea infuses beautifully.
  • 5 stars rating


    Paul Holloway, May 2013

    A fantastic little tea pot. No metal parts so no corruption of flavour. Beautiful to look at, a treat to use and the resulting cup of tea is perfect. Very fast delivery from Jing. All in all a very happy customer. Thankyou.
  • 5 stars rating


    QK, Apr 2012

    When I opened the box (with certain concerns, I don't like buying stuff online without having seen it beforehand), I was gladly surprised: I found a little, pretty and delicate teapot. But I don't love it only because of its looks: it is the perfect size for a good cup of tea, and it cleans very well. So happy I got it (already thinking of buying another as a present).
  • 4 stars rating

    Just love it!

    Jan Zemko, Jan 2012

    I've got this one for about 2 weeks and I have to say it's perfect. Love to watch the tea leaves how they are opening. Great packing and fast delivery. Thank you
  • 5 stars rating

    Perfection in a Teapot

    BETH R, Sep 2011

    This is surely the cutest teapot ever! It is perfect in every way - the right size; glass so you can watch it brew; mine pours beautifully and the leaves are kept in by the built-in strainer. I adore it.
  • 5 stars rating

    My favourite teapot!

    Steph, Apr 2011

    After a few teething troubles this is now my favourite teapot. It's such an appealing rounded shape and makes just the right quantity of tea: enough that you aren't constantly going back to the kettle, but not too much for a single tea drinker to get three infusions out of her leaves in one session. At first it was hard to pour without dribbling (see the video clip of gongfu tea on the JING site for an example), but after a couple of weeks of dabbing puddles, I've got the wrist flick just right. My only remaining quibble is that after making puerh in it, the glass filter in the spout is slightly stains and I haven't figured out how to clean inside the spout. JING please advise!
  • 5 stars rating

    Go to teapot

    Al, Jan 2011

    I was bought this pot about a year ago. I own a lot of teaware from banko clay pots to zhuni to JDZ gaiwans. And this little baby is the one I reach for when I want no fuss, simple honest tea.

    Its got a great shape, nice size and strong glass. Another major plus for me is there's a glass filter built in rather then a metal one. I'm not a fan of having metal in the brewed tea....I just dont like it.

    Size wise this is too big for gongfu for me.......even for 4 people which I'd use a 180ml gaiwan instead. So I basically use it for "semi" gongfu and western style brewing.

    I really like to pack the vessel with leaves though when I do gongfu so what I class as "semi" gongfu would probably be the sweet spot for a lot of people.

    Glass teapots are really laid back...there's no need to time the brew or be mindful of time passing you can just glance over and check the colour making it an excellent choice for being away from my tea station.

    I'd give it 9/10...if I was going to tweak it a little I'd lower and widen the spout slightly, but other then that its spot on...so i'll round it up and give it 5 stars.
  • 5 stars rating

    Cheaper than multiple Yixing

    mr dorian ralph, Jul 2010

    This is a great teapot for one, excellent if like me you drink many different kinds of tea and want to ensure the cup you are drinking isn't tainted with other teas.
    I've never been a fan of Yixing teapots mostly because of the philosophy that you need one teapot per kind of tea.

    Anyone who knows their tea will know that many oolongs are vastly different from one another, many puerhs are vastly different.
    I only use a Yixing for ONE kind of tea, Jing's brilliant 2003 wild yi wu raw puerh.

    Considering the price of Yixing teapots, and that many people like myself may drink 12 or more varieties in a week or two, this quickly becomes financially infeasible.

    This great little Glass Gong Fu is perfect, a quick rinse and all the contamination from another tea is gone.

    It's also better than a Yixing for certain things, for temperamental teas you can guage brew strength easilly as it is indeed clear glass.

    Anji Bai Cha looks especially beautiful in one of these.